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Another Media Day, Another Blog

Another Media Day, Another Blog

Brian Lucas (Assistant Director of Athletic Communications)

Another media day … another blog. It doesn’t get much more exciting than that. Who needs games and practice reports when you can hear about questions and answers. Seriously, though, we do have great coverage of the day.

Hopefully you watched Coach Bielema’s news conference live at 2:30 but if you didn’t, you can check out the archive. It will also be available as a podcast from iTunes later today. The complete transcript of the news conference will also be available later this afternoon.

In addition, we will have a photo gallery (below) and some video segments highlighting some of the player comments. Those should be available later today. Also, we will be creating a page devoted to fall camp, similar to our Spring Football Central page, that will bring fans inside camp with video features, photo galleries, blogs and more.

As for today, more than 80 media members came out to get their first taste of the 2007 Badgers. A lot of the talk centered around high expectations and how the team will handle it. The phrase “1-0” was uttered a couple times.

After Coach Bielema’s news conference, the players were available on the field. It’s pretty hot and humid today, so we made sure they were sufficiently hydrated, especially guys like Tyler Donovan, Luke Swan and Jonathan Casillas that were out there for the full hour. I always think the best part is when the newspaper photographers pose some of the players for pictures. My favorite today was having both Tyler and Allen Evridge pretend to take a snap from Marcus Coleman at the same time. Could an article about the quarterback situation be in the works for one of the local papers?

Towards the end of the day, punter Ken DeBauche commandeered our web site video services people and turned the camera on some of his teammates as well as Coach Bielema. He got some pretty good video. It should be posted soon.

Some of the guys didn’t have any interviews (there are 105 players on the roster) so they kept busy by taking their button photos (the photos are posed in the end zone and made into buttons for the players’ family to wear on game day) and filling out a questionnaire for the game program. I envision it being a rip off Sports Illustrated’s “Players Poll” and it will appear in our gameday program. The early leader for best hair on the team is James Kamoku.

I should have written this earlier, but if you have any questions you’d like answered or any topics discussed in the blog, let me know. For those familiar with the basketball blog, I don’t talk about playing time and things like who the quarterback will be because I am not qualified to make that judgment nor am I involved in those decisions. If you want to know about important things like what’s being served at the dining hall or what music is playing inside the locker room, then I’m your guy. I’m not attaching my email address to this because when I did that for the basketball blog, I got a million spam messages. So you can look it up here.

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