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UW at Michigan Game Day Blog

UW at Michigan Game Day Blog

Justin Doherty (Assistant AD for Communications)

2:50 PM EDT
Good afternoon, Badger fans! As Brent Musberger would say, you are looking (or logging on) live at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor for today's Big Ten opener between the eighth-ranked Badgers and the Michigan Wolverines. Check back often for updates from the Big House where Wisconsin is looking for its first win since 1994.

3:13 PM EDT
The Badger Band has taken the field here in Ann Arbor. A small sea of red in an ocean of maize and blue. I did a radio interview with a local Detroit station (WOMC) about an hour ago out in the parking lot here and I can relate to being in the minority with my red on.

3:20 PM EDT
Michigan's band is now on the field. Some quality marching music here today with ours and the Michigan Band in the house. Speaking of the Big House, they are doing renovations here (adding suites, club seats and a new press box) to the tune of about $226 million. The under-construction structures loom high above the stadium on both sides.

3:28 PM EDT
Michigan just introduced all of their alums who performed in the Beijing Olympic Games. Among them was Michael Phelps, who set an Olympic record with eight swimming gold medals. Both teams are now on the field and we're just a few minutes from kickoff.

3:37 PM EDT
Wisconsin wins the toss and elects to receive. Captains, as usual, were Chris Pressley, Kraig Urbik, DeAndre Levy and Mike Newkirk.

3:38 PM EDT
David Gilreath took the opening kickoff 55 yards to the Michigan 38, so a nice start for the Badgers.

3:42 PM EDT
The Badgers, behind some hard running by P.J. Hill, moved to the Michigan 23 and completed a third-down pass (Allan Evridge to Gilreath). Gilreath had what appeared to be a first down before he fumbled. But the play is being reviewed as Gilreath may have been down before he lost the ball.

3:44 PM EDT
The last play was reversed. Gilreath was ruled down two yards shy of a first down. Philip Welch came in to kick a 35-yard field goal, but missed it wide left. Michigan takes over at its own 20 with 12:38 left in the first quarter.

3:48 PM EDT
Michigan QB Steve Threet scrambled on third down deep in Michigan territory. He was hit by a pair of Badger tacklers and the ball was knocked loose. DeAndre Levy  recovered the ball at the Michigan 27 with 11:26 left in the first quarter. Evridge connected with Hill on a first-down pass, but the Badgers drive was stopped at the Michigan 4-yard line. Welch kicked a 21-yard field goal to put UW up, 3-0, with 9:03 left in the first quarter.

9:03 LEFT, 1st QUARTER: UW 3, Michigan 0

3:59 PM EDT
Michigan takes over at its own 16 after the Badgers swarmed the UM kick returner. Threet scrambled for a first down to the Wolverine 28, but the Wolverines are eventually forced to punt. Gilreath called for a fair catch at the UW 32-yard line where the Bdagers will take over with 6:48 left in the first quarter.

4:01 PM EDT
The sun has come out, despite some surrounding dark clouds, and the lights are on here at Michigan Stadium. All the yellow shirts in the stands make for quite a bright view. A beautiful early fall day in the upper Midwest.

4:07 PM EDT
Wisconsin's drive seemed to be stopped at the Michigan 34, but the Wolverines jumped offside when UW punter Brad Nortman moved up under center. It cost the Wolverines five yards and gave the Badgers a first down at the Michigan 29. The Badgers were stopped on third down and Welch came in to kick another field goal, this time successful from 42 yards out with 1:18 left in the first quarter.

1:18 LEFT, 1st QUARTER: UW 6, Michigan 0

4:09 PM EDT
Michigan starts out at its 17-yard line. A holding penalty and some good defensive pursuit by the Badgers have the Wolverines facing a punting situation (4th and 9 from their own 18) as the first quarter ends.

4:14 PM EDT
The UW Band breaks out into "If You Want to Be a Badger" as Michigan lines up to punt to start the second quarter. UW will start at its own 33 with 14:51 left in the first half.

4:16 PM EDT
Michigan's Charles Stewart intercepts Evridge's first-down pass attempt to Gilreath and Michigan takes over at its own 45.

4:18 PM EDT
A big hit by LB Jonathan Casillas on Michigan RB Sam McGuffie on third down has the Wolverines punting again. UW takes over at its own 33 with 13:20 left in the first half. Unofficial first half stats show the Badger defense has held Michigan to just 16 net yards thus far.

4:25 PM EDT
A 3rd-and-4 from the UM 49 results in a sack of Evridge and a fumble that is recovered by Michigan at the UW 48 with 10:49 left. But the Wolverines fumble it right back when Jaevery McFadden recovers a mishandled pitch near the sidelines. The play is reviewed to see if McFadden stayed in bounds. The recovery is overturned as McFadden is ruled to have not had possession. Michigan ball, 2nd and 12, from midfield.

4:26 PM EDT
Scores from around the country were announced here in the press box, with the Mississippi victory over No. 4 Florida turning some heads and later drawing a big cheer from the crowd outside.

4:30 PM EDT
The Badgers stiffen on defense again and force Michigan to punt for the fourth time this half. UW takes over at its own 10 with 9:39 left in the first half.

4:35 PM EDT
Evridge is sacked and Nortman punts to Michigan's Greg Mathews who brings the ball up the Michigan sideline before being hit by William Hartman. Mathews fumbles and the ball is recovered by UW's Mickey Turner. As with the previous McFadden recovery, the play is under review to see if Turner had possession in bounds. This time the review is prompted by a Michigan timeout.

4:39 PM EDT
My bad. Michigan called timeout, but the play wasn't being reviewed. UW takes over at its own 40. A 46-yard run by freshman John Clay brings the Badgers to the Michigan 5 with just under six minutes left. Timeout, Wisconsin.

4:45 PM EDT
Clay bounces it outside and goes in for a touchdown from five yards out. Welch kicks the extra point and the Badgers lead, 13-0, with 5:46 left in the first half.

4:46 PM EDT
The Badgers kick off and Michigan fumbles the return. Freshman Devin Smith recovers the ball on the Michigan 27.

4:51 PM EDT
Most of you know, I'm sure, that the Badgers are looking for their first win at Michigan since 1994 ... The Badgers were forced to try another field goal here and Welch has just made a 41-yarder to give UW a 16-0 lead with 4:47 left.

4:47 LEFT, 2nd quarter: UW 16, Michigan 0

4:54 PM EDT
Wisconsin forces another three-and-out and Michigan has to punt again. UW takes over at its own 41 with 3:48 left in the first half. The Wolverines have a total of 20 net yards this half.

4:57 PM EDT
The Badgers also go three-and-out, forcing Nortman to punt from the UW 48. It goes out of bounds at the Michigan 10 with 2:29 left in the first half.

5:00 PM EDT
UW's Shane Carter picks off a third-down pass attempt by the Wolverines and, after an unsportsmanlike penalty on the Badgers, UW takes over at its own 49 with a little over a minute left. UW now at the Michigan 35 and calls timeout facing 3rd-and-10 with 19 seconds left.

5:04 PM EDT
Evridge's pass to Isaac Anderson was incomplete on third down. Welch proceeds to kick his fourth field goal of the game, a 52-yarder that gives the Badgers a 19-0 lead with 10 seconds left. The field goal is tied for the fourth-longest in school history and it's the longest since Taylor Mehlhaff's 52-yarder in the Capital One Bowl win over Arkansas on New Year's Day of 2007.

5:08 PM EDT
A Casillas interception (Michigan's fifth turnover of the first half) ends the first half but not before he almost returned it for a touchdown. The Badgers lead 19-0 and have outgained Michigan 202-21 in total yards.

HALFTIME: UW 19, Michigan 0

5:11 PM EDT
A few halftime notes as the UW Band entertains the crowd with "Leader of the Pack ..." Michigan has one first down ... Another field goal by Welch would allow him to pass the school single-game record of four, currently held by a number of kickers (the most recent being Vitaly Pisetsky vs. Michigan State in 1999) ... UW holds a time of possession advantage of 20:13 to 9:47.

5:26 PM EDT
Andy Kemp, Allan Evridge and the rest of the Badgers are back on the field, as are the Wolverines. Second half coming up ...

5:33 PM EDT
Michigan completes a pass for a first down on its first play of the second half. The Wolverines face 3rd-and-6 after another hard hit by Casillas, who has been all over the field. Wolverines lose five yards on third down and are forced to punt yet again. Gilreath fields it and the Badgers start out from their own 17 with 12:36 left in the third quarter.

5:37 PM EDT
My assistant, Brian Lucas (who by the way is playing hurt today after injuring his back picking up a laundry basket at home), informs me that Michigan has turned the ball over 11 times in its past three games against the Badgers.

5:43 PM EDT
The Badgers ate up almost six minutes with their drive but it stalled and Nortman's punt went into the end zone. Michigan takes over at its own 20 with 6:52 left in the third quarter.

5:45 PM EDT
The attendance just announced here is 109,833. This is the 500th game in Michigan Stadium history.

5:47 PM EDT
Michigan calls a timeout with a 4th-and-1 coming up from its own 43 with 4:55 left in the third quarter.

5:52 PM EDT
The Wolverines convert their 4th-and-1 attempt and continue their drive from their own 47.

5:55 PM EDT
Michigan has marched to the UW 26. A first-down pass into the end zone is broken up nicely by Badger DB Niles Brinkley. Michigan going "no-huddle" on offense now. The Wolverines complete a 3rd-and-10 touchdown pass from Threet to Kevin Koger. The Wolverines' 14-play, 80 yard drive is easily their longest of the day.

2:22 LEFT, 3rd QUARTER: UW 19, Michigan 7

6:00 PM EDT
A shadow from the construction on the west side of the stadium has been cast over the entire field as the late afternoon sun begins to set. FB Bill Rentmeester grabs the Michigan kickoff and, after a nice return, gets an additional 15 yards after a helmet-to-helmet hit by a Wolverine. UW starts at the Michigan 46 with 2:18 left in the third quarter.

6:04 PM EDT
UW, facing 3rd-and-1 from the Michigan 37, loses the handle on the ball and is forced to punt. Michigan takes over from its own 12 with 21 seconds left in the third quarter.

6:06 PM EDT
End of the third quarter with Michigan facing 3rd-and-10 from its own 12.

END OF 3rd QUARTER: UW 19, Michigan 7

6:08 PM EDT
Wolverines are forced to punt from their own 12 after a 3rd-down incompletion. Badgers will take over at their own 44 with 14:47 left in the fourth quarter.

6:11 PM EDT
Wisconsin is forced to go three-and-out and punts from the Michigan 49. Wolverines will start from their own 15 with 13:29 left.

6:17 PM EDT
Wolverines have slowly pushed to their own 30 with just over 12 minutes left. UM faces a 3rd-and-10.

6:20 PM EDT
The Badgers are called for roughing the passer on third down, giving Michigan a first down from their own 40. Threet keeps it on another 3rd down attempt and Michigan has a first down from the UW 45 with just over 11 minutes left.

6:22 PM EDT
Michigan's Brandon Minor has just run 34 yards for a touchdown to cut the Badger lead to 19-14. The drive covered 85 yards in 10 plays. The ensuing Michigan kickoff goes into the end zone and UW will start from its own 20 with 10:27 left. The crowd is now back in the game.

6:28 PM EDT
A stunning turn of events at the moment. Michigan has just intercepted a pass intended for Kyle Jefferson. The Wolverines' John Thompson ran it back for a TD to give UM a 20-19 lead. The Wolverines went for two, but failed. 20-19 Michigan, with 10:24 left to play.

6:32 PM EDT
In front of a fired of crowd, the Badgers take over at their own 22 with 10:17 left. TE Travis Beckum is now in the game for the first time. The Badgers go three-and-out and are forced to punt. Michigan takes over at its own 23 with 8:14 left.

6:38 PM EDT
Threet starts the Wolverines off with a 58-yard run to the Wisconsin 19. McGuffie finishes the drive with a 3-yard scoring run that, after the extra-point kick, gives UM a 27-19 lead with 5:11 left.

5:11 LEFT, 4th QUARTER: Michigan 27, UW 19

6:42 PM EDT
UW takes over at its own 29 with 5:03 left to play. Evridge is sacked on first down and its 2nd-and-9. An incomplete pass leaves UW with 3rd-and-9. Evridge completes a pass to Gilreath for what would be a first down, but the play is reviewed and confirmed as called. First down, Badgers from their own 44 with 4:05 left.

6:47 PM EDT
Facing 3rd-and-10 from their own 44, Zach Brown picks up 14 yards on a draw play to the Michigan 42 with 3:30 left. Evridge then completes a 12-yard pass to Beckum for another first down. He hits Anderson for five more and its second down and five. Freshman Nick Toon then makes a nice catch at the Michigan 7 with 2:30 left.

6:50 PM EDT
After Brown ran for two yards to the 5, Evridge was sacked and fumbled. Michigan recovered with 1:42 left at its own 8-yard line.

5:53 PM EDT
McGuffie runs for one yard to the UM 12. It's 3rd-and-6 and UW has called its second timeout.

5:54 PM EDT
UW takes its last timeout with 1:26 left. Michigan is facing 4th-and-3 from its own 15. The Wolverines line up to punt and Wisconsin will start at its own 36 with 1:19 left and no timeouts.

5:57 PM EDT
After being sacked on first down, Evridge completes a 20-yard pass to Hill to the  Wisconsin 49, but a 5-yard false start call on Wisconsin on the next play puts the Badgers at their own 44. A great catch by Lance Kendricks on 1st-and-15 gets UW to the UM 27. Evridge then completes a 5-yard pass on 1st down.

5:59 PM EDT
An amazing 22-yard TD catch by Gilreath with 13 seconds left. Badgers have to go for two. Evridge hits Beckum with a two-point conversion, but UW is penalized for an ineligible man down field. Badgers move back to their own seven-yard line and Evridge's pass to Beckum in the back of the end zone is high. 27-25, Michigan with 13 seconds left.

6:03 PM EDT
Matt Fischer lines up for onside kick that ends up going out of bounds. Michigan declines the penalty and takes over at the UW 38. Michigan takes a knee, game ends.

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