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Don't miss the bus!

Don't miss the bus!

Justin Doherty (Assistant AD for Communications)

Night games at Camp Randall Stadium, like the ones we have coming up against Ohio State this Saturday and Penn State a week from Saturday (both games start at 7 p.m.), tend to cause some adjustments in our normal game-day routines.

For those of you who use the regular Saturday Metrobus route service or ride the special Kobussen Bucky Bus shuttle to and from Camp Randall, we wanted to confirm the schedules for these two upcoming night games. They are as follows …


Regular Saturday night schedule for the routes listed below ... Please see Metro link:

Here are the approximate times of the last Metro bus pickup by Camp Randall on Saturday night …

Route 2 westbound (University Ave @ Breese Terrace): 10:55 PM
Route 2 northbound (University Ave @ Breese Terrace): 10:52 PM

Route 6 westbound (Regent St @ Breese Terrace): 10:38 PM
Route 6 eastbound (Regent St @ Breese Terrace): 10:40 PM

Route 7 westbound (Randall Ave @ Engineering Dr): 10:39 PM
Route 7 eastbound (Monroe St @ Regent St): 10:37 PM (trip ends at Main and Carroll)

Route 8 westbound (University Ave @ Breese Terrace): 10:07 PM


The Kobussen Bucky Bus shuttle is $5 round trip. The Lot 60 shuttle drops off at Breese Terrace and University pre-game and picks up on University Ave. (just west of Breese Terrace) post-game. The downtown shuttle drops off pre-game and picks up post-game on Monroe Street, near Gate 1 of Camp Randall.

These shuttles will operate for one hour after the end of the game.

The Lot 60 shuttle will start at 4 p.m. and the downtown shuttle will start at 4:30 p.m.

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