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Betsy Golomski (Athletic Communications Assistant)

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9:20 p.m.
Service ace for MSU and they're two away from clinching this. Long hit for Brittney goes out. Not sure how that last point was scored but it was awarded to MSU. They get the fifth, 15-7.

Tough break for the Badgers. They were really playing well together and showing signs of life in the fourth but couldn't capitalize on it. Badgers hit the road again next week to face Michigan and Ohio State.

Thanks again for reading...hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!

9:17 p.m.
Spartans with another block and they have the 10-6 lead...another timeout for UW. Phil (the guy you usually see at Badger men's hockey games)getting the crowd going with the "Let's Go Red" cheer. Badgers made a comeback in the fourth set so here's hoping they can do it again at crunch time.

9:14 p.m.
Badgers can't seem to get closer than two in this set. A tip for Nellie to give her another kill. Brittney with another big kill and we finally break the two-point mark...Badgers within one at 7-6 with Morgan serving again. MSU gets the eighth point, time to switch benches.

9:10 p.m.
Spartans are out to a 4-2 lead after a block. A hitting error by Kat puts MSU up 5-2 now. Have to get the momentum back...coach Waite calls a timeout.

9:02 p.m.
Nellie is really getting up tonight! Another kill for her and Badgers take the lead at 21-20! And a Badger block puts UW up 22-20. Looks like they may have found that Halloween magic. Gabrielsen with another hit...she has five kills just this set.

Another close set but the crowd is back into this one. NET SERVE FOR MSU. And the crowd goes wild (it really does...I've always wanted to say that). Badgers somehow come back into this set and match and are serving for set point. BADGERS TAKE THE FOURTH! 25-21. Crazy things always happening in the Field House during Halloween...Bring on Set Five!

8:58 p.m.
Badgers knot the score at 18 but the tie is short lived with another Badger net violation. There's been a lot of those tonight too. Kyndra Abron is having a great night for MSU. She can really get up and slam it down. MSU back up 20-18.

8:51 p.m.
Badgers getting back into this and are within two after another good play by DuPont. Nellie with another kill and we've got a one point game! Time out for MSU and the crowd is back on their feet.

8:44 p.m.
Kat in this set and gets a big hit for Wisconsin. Score is 10-6 right now and Badgers still trying to inch their way back into this. Morgan Salow makes her first appearance of the night. Another Badger Block. That helped get the crowd back into it a little...was pretty quite in here for a while.

8:41 p.m.
Spartans maintaining their momentum in this set and have a 3-0 lead. Now up 6-1. Spartans have had two blocks already and coach Waite takes another timeout. Not looking good right now. Need some Halloween magic to come through right now.

8:36 p.m.
Big Spartan block and they get the third set, 27-25. Badgers had a lot of chances in that set and couldn't capitalize on them. Tough break.

8:28 p.m.
Band just finishing up the Time Warp...fitting for tonight. Badgers up 21-19 with Nellie serving. We're up to eight service errors tonight for Wisconsin. Brittney just served one up. But DuPont responds for a big Badger kill.

A Badger hit goes out of bounds and we're tied again at 23. These close sets make me nervous. Brittney's kill JUST makes it in bounds...MSU bench not happy with that call. Nikki serving up set point. And Spartans eliminate set point to tie it at 24. Spartan hit goes out of bounds, set point again for the Badgers. Allison Wack serving. MSU keeps tricking the Badgers with tipping sets over and the Badgers keep falling for it...tied at 25...service ace MSU. Coach Waite takes a timeout.

8:23 p.m.
Caity DuPont has really stepped it up in this set. Momentum swings back towards the Badgers and they have the 15-14 lead.

Once again, Elle used her height to her advantage. She barely left the ground and just tipped the ball onto the Spartan side to tie the score again at 16.

Net serve gives the Badgers a break and they're within one at 18-17. Faye's into serve. Badger block! We're tied once again.

8:20 p.m.
Just when it looks like the Badgers are going to make a rally it goes the other way. Score tied at 12...now MSU up 13-12. Spartans on a five-point rally, make that six points. Timeout, Wisconsin.

8:12 p.m.
Spartans out to the lead this time in the third set. They're up 5-3 but Jeffers gets the Badgers within one. A Spartan hit goes out of bounds and we're tied again. I feel like there's been a ton of ties this match. Brittney with some power again and the Spartans can't control the dig.

Service ace for MSU and they get the lead again at 8-6. Another long rally ends in the Badgers' favor and now they have the 9-8 lead. I'm kind of feeling like a broken record tonight...

7:58 p.m.
In the kids category we have Dorthy, a witch, a pirate and the Legos. The Legos are the winners...very cute. It was two kids dressed as Legos and they were attached.

In the UW Student contest we have Michael Phelps, a penguin (my personal favorite) and the tiki man. The tiki man and penguin were neck and neck with cheers but the tiki man wins. Block Party is not happy.

And in the adult group we have Elvis, a munchkin, and a couple dressed as pirates. Looks like the munchkin is going to win.

7:56 p.m.
MSU hit goes out and we've got UW set point. Dolgner serving. Badgers were not losing that set. DuPont with a hit that was blocked by the Spartans but went out of bounds for the 25-23 Badger win. Be back with results from the costume contest.

7:53 p.m.
Badgers are not communicating well tonight. We are tied again at 23 and coach Waite takes a time out. Looked like a backrow miscommunication on that last point for MSU.

7:51 p.m.
Nellie gets a big kill...first time I've seen that in a while. Faye back into serve and Badgers are hanging onto a 21-20 lead. Spartan block goes out and another MSU timeout. Bucky's jammin' with the band right now. He got rid of the Mummy costume. We've got the Halloween costume contest coming up and looks like there's a lot of good ones entered.

7:42 p.m.
Badgers are having a hard time hanging onto their leads. Caity DuPont enters for Allison Wack. MSU also seems to be digging everything out. Faye McCormack in to serve. She serves up two Badger points and they take another 15-12 lead...MSU with a timeout.

Spartans come out of the break and score. Brittney with her eighth kill tonight. Badgers not doing well from the service line. Four service errors and just one ace.

7:38 p.m.
Badgers leading 6-4 in the second set. No new creative costumes to report unfortunately. Michigan State knows how to get back into these sets, we're tied again at six after an MSU set goes over and no Badger was there to recover. Have to stay on your toes at all times. Badgers get the point back and another to go up two again. Brittney tried for another big hit but hit the net...MSU ties it up again. Michigan State trying to get fancy with a trick set that goes over, but doesn't work.

7:30 p.m.
A Badger hit goes out of bounds and MSU has set point. And again Brittney responds. She is on tonight and has found her power. Just like that MSU finds a hole and has set point again. A service ace gives MSU the first set win...ball bounced on the net and onto the Badgers side and no one was there to grab it.

7:26 p.m.
Spartans up 23-21 and Coach Waite needs a timeout. Badgers looked so good to start this set and not sure what happened...MSU just woke up I guess. Brittney with a kill that lands just in bounds and Wisconsin's back within one. Hitting error by MSU ties this set and now the Spartans take a timeout.

7:20 p.m.
MSU had some momentum and got out in front by two but the Badgers ended that rally after the timeout. A Hi-C juice box is now in the Block Party. Audra again is doing a nice job tonight of getting the opponent to touch the ball with their fingertips before going out of bounds. Badgers get back into this set and its tied at 18. Bucky is dressed as a mummy now. MSU takes a time out and Badgers lead, 19-18.

7:17 p.m.
Big MSU block knots the score at 10. Allison Wack records the first service ace of the night to give Wisconsin the 14-12 lead. MSU is pretty fast and getting a lot of balls down before Kim can try for the dig. Hitting error on Kat and we're tied again.

7:12 p.m.
It appears we're going to have another night of long rallies. Badgers get the good end of that one. Brittney slams one down. Now there's a penguin waddling around the stadium. Spartans have rattled off three straight and are within two at 9-7. Make that four straight. Audra ends the rally with a kill.

7:04 p.m.
Nikki Klingsporn, Brittney Dolgner, Katherine Dykstra, Allison Wack, Audra Jeffers, Elle Ohlander and Kim Kuzma as the libero. Nikki to serve first. Just stopped some Legos in the crowd...another creative costume.

Great dig by Kuzma which led to a nice set by Nikki and first kill for Elle, Badgers get the first point. Another kill by Elle.

Two kills also for Allison Wack...we're at 4-1 in favor of the Badgers.

6:56 p.m.
Just a few minutes before we start. The band is playing its rendition of Thriller and the theme from Ghostbusters. We've spotted two Michael Phelps in the crowd and an Elvis.

Be back in a bit with starters for Wisconsin.

6:31 p.m.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! It's that special time of the year and the UW Field House always comes alive during this special holiday. Fans are filing in and we've spotted a few costumes. Glenn Betts, facilities manager at the UW Field House, wins the prize so far. He made a paper mask of head coach Pete Waite and was sitting on the Badger bench during warm ups acting as coach Waite. We've got Michael Phelps, a Bears football player, a Ghostbuster, and Lilly Munster. There are sure to be many more.

We're just under 30 minutes until first serve so check back often. I'll be sure to provide costume updates along with match updates. In case you're wondering what I decided on, I'm going as one of "Da Bears Superfans" from Saturday Night Live. Da Bears. Da Bulls. Ditka. You get the idea.

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