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UW vs. UW-Whitewater Gameday Blog

UW vs. UW-Whitewater Gameday Blog

Brian Mason (Athletic Communications Assistant)

15:00 to Tipoff - There's time for one final tuneup as as the Wisconsin men's basketball team welcomes UW-Whitewater to the Kohl Center tonight for the Badgers' final exhibition game in advance of Sunday's season opener against Long Beach State, and the Gameday Blog is here to bring you the action.

Both teams are on the floor warming up, and fans are filing in as the UW Marching Band gets the house rocking already. I'll be back with updates as we near the opening tip.

1:00 on pre-game clock - The lights are coming down for player introductions, and I have tonight's starting lineups:

For UW-Whitewater, it's senior guard Matt Goodwin, Myles McKay, another senior guard, junior guard Kevin Koski, senior forward Kori Vernon and another senior forward, Billy Kolinske.

No real surprises for the Badgers, as Coach Ryan will start with Trevon Hughes and Jason Bohannon in the backcourt and Marcus Landy, Joe Krabbenhoft and Keaton Nankivil up front.

20:00 1st Half - We're ready for tip-off, and I've got time for a couple of notes on tonight's matchup:

- Tonight's contest marks the first-ever meeting between the Badgers and UW-Whitewater
- Badgers coach Bo Ryan owns a 24-10 career record against the Warhawks dating back to his ultra-successful run as head coach at UW-Platteville
- Whitewater went 24-5 last season and is ranked No. 4 in the D3Hoops.com preseason poll.
- The Badgers are looking to extend their run of consecutive wins in exhibition games to 33, dating back to the 1992 season

18:28 1st Half - Krabby hits a 3 to put the Badgers on the board. That will draw a great reaction from this crowd every time.

UW 7, UW-Whitewater 4
17:05 1st Half
- Nankivil is proving a tough matchup inside so far. He's 2-for-2 from the floor and has the Badgers owning an early 3-1 lead in rebounding.

UW 10, UW-Whitewater 6
15:52 1st Half - Krabby from downtown again! The big guy looks comfortable beyond the newly-extended 3-point arc.

UW 10, UW-Whitewater 6
14:47 1st Half - Marcus is called for a foul to lead us into the first media timeout. Two total fouls so far is a nice change from the Badgers' first exhibition game, when Augustana couldn't exhale without drawing a whistle in the early going.

UW 10, UW-Whitewater 6
14:47 1st Half - The first scheduled break of the half turned into an extended stoppage as the officiating crew called for the UW training staff to clean up what is apparently a good deal of blood on the court. So much for what I said about this being a clean game...

UW 10, UW-Whitewater 6
14:10 1st Half - J-Bo is out in favor of Tim Jarmusz. Badgers are moving the ball well through the early going, with four assists on their first four baskets.

UW 14, UW-Whitewater 9
12:51 1st Half - Jon Leuer checks in and proceeds to miss a 3-point attempt, but Marcus is there for a strong rebound and put-back. Apparently the big guys have the green light from downtown tonight.

UW 14, UW-Whitewater 9

11:43 1st Half - A foul on Phil Negri of the Warhawks takes us to the second media timeout of the half. The numbers are in the Badgers' favor early, as they hold a 7-2 rebounding edge and are shooting 55.6 percent from the floor. Whitewater has attempted four of its nine shots from 3-point land, but has connected on just one.

UW 16, UW-Whitewater 11

9:45 1st Half - Good 'D" from the Badgers, as they force Whitewater to used all but 6 seconds of the shot clock before forcing a turnover. They fail to capitalize, though, with the Warhawks taking a turnover the other way and and Myles McKay finishing with a lay-in on the other end. Four turnovers for the Badgers have led to four points for the Warhawks.

UW 18, UW-Whitewater 11
9:29 1st Half - Keaton connects on a pair of free throws to give the Badgers their largest lead at seven points. They're 4-for-4 from the charity stripe to this point.

UW 18, UW-Whitewater 13
7:57 1st Half - We're at the under-8 minute media timeout. No one seems to be in a hurry on the offensive end for the Badgers, as they are routinely using a good chunk of the shot clock and doing a good job of looking for the open man. Five assists on the team's six buckets is a good sign of how well the guys are moving the ball on offense.

UW 18, UW-Whitewater 13
7:30 1st Half - Myles McKay has been the man for the Warhawks so far, dropping in 9 of the team's 13 points on 4-for-5 shooting from the field. He leads all scorers, while Krabby and Keaton have six points each for the Badgers.

UW 18, UW-Whitewater 16
6:58 1st Half - Jordan Taylor's in for Krabby, who stayed on the deck on the Badgers' end after falling hard to the floor. The Warhawks took advantage of the 4-on-5 situation, with Matt Goodwin splashing a trey to draw Whitewater within two points.

UW 22, UW-Whitewater 17
5:49 1st Half - The Badgers have definitely cooled off in their shooting from the floor. They've converted just one of their last six field-goal attempts. Then Kevin Gullickson takes a pass form Trevon and puts it through the cylinder. Shows what I know.

UW 22, UW-Whitewater 19
4:21 1st Half - Taylor falls out of bounds to give the Badgers their sixth turnover of the half, and Kori Vernon makes it look easy by slicing through the lane on his way to a deuce. That's eight points off turnovers for the Warhawks.

UW 22, UW-Whitewater 19
3:44 1st Half - Whitewater follows that up with a great defensive stand on the Badgers' next trip, as Taylor was forced to spot up from about 24 feet and couldn't avoid a shot-clock violation That's seven turnovers for the Badgers and brings us to the final media timeout of the half.

UW 22, UW-Whitewater 19
3:29 1st Half - The Badgers own a three-point lead, and they can thank their ability to convert from the charity stripe. They've outscored Whitewater 6-1 at the line on 6-for-6 shooting.

UW 24, UW-Whitewater 21
1:35 1st Half - A great offensive board and put-back by Kolinske narrows it to a three-point game again, and the Badgers don't have an answer on their end as Rob Wilson misfires on a 3-point attempt. The Badgers are just 2-for-8 from downtown and have missed five straight triple tries.

UW 27, UW-Whitewater 23
0:48 1st Half - Goodwin knocks down an open jumper from what used to be the 3-point arc to narrow the Badgers' lead to one, but Trevon draws a foul and converts a conventional three-point play to give the home team a little breathing room.

UW 28, UW-Whitewater 25
0:00 1st Half - Marcus travels at the top of the key to give the Warhawks a chance at the last shot of the half, but Whitewater comes up empty and J-Bo draws a foul under the Warhawk basket with 1.2 seconds left. He converts one of his two charity tries to give the Badgers a three-point lead at the half. The home team certainly has the free-throw line to thank for that advantage, as they outscored the Warhawks 8-1 at the stripe.

UW 28, UW-Whitewater 25
- I'll be back with a look at halftime stats in a few minutes.

UW 28, UW-Whitewater 25
20:00 2nd Half
- The Warhawks narrowed the rebounding gap late in the first half, and that helped them overcome some cold shooting (22.2 percent) from 3-point land. Eight points off turnovers helped the Whitewater cause, as well, but it was the Badgers 8-for-9 effort at the free-throw line that made the (small) difference in the halftime score. The Badgers only mustered 20 shots in the half, and made just 45 percent of them, so their patience didn't always pay off. We'll see if Coach Ryan adjusts the tempo on the offensive end at all as we get set for the second half.

UW 30, UW-Whitewater 25
18:47 2nd Half
- Keaton comes up with a putback off a miss inside by Marcus to get the Badgers going in the second half.

UW 30, UW-Whitewater 28
17:07 2nd Half
- It's been a rough start to the half for both teams offensively, and Whitewater has really evened the battle of the boards early in the period. Luckily for the Badgers, the Warhawks' Goodwin made just one of two free throws to keep the lead at two points. Whitewater is 2-for-5 from the free-throw line.

UW 32, UW-Whitewater 28
16:47 2nd Half
- Krabby knocks down a pair of charity tosses to extend the lead to four. All four of the Badgers' points in the half have come off free throws, and they are 1-for-8 from the floor so far in the period.

UW 34, UW-Whitewater 28
15:42 2nd Half
- Make that 2-for-12 to start the haalf, as Leuer finally finishes for the Badgers on a trip that saw them grab three offensive boards after continuing to struggle to finish from close to the basket.

UW 34, UW-Whitewater 30
15:30 2nd Half
- Media timeout comes after a foul by Chris Vines. The Badgers have really opened up the rebounding battle on their last few trips (thanks to that frigid shooting by both teams) and have already doubled the 12 rebounds they had in the first half just 4 1/2 minutes into the second period. They own a 12-4 rebounding lead so far in the half.

UW 36, UW-Whitewater 31
15:07 2nd Half
- Maybe having the Grateful Red behind their basket is getting in the Warhawks' heads ... Vernon hits one of two free throws and Whitewater is now 3-for-7 from the stripe.

UW 38, UW-Whitewater 31
14:20 2nd Half
- Business is definitely picking up inside for the Badgers, who already have eight offensive rebounds in the half after grabbing just two in the first 20 minutes. Krabby, Keaton and Leuer have combined for eight of the Badgers' 10 points since halftime.

UW 40, UW-Whitewater 35
12:48 2nd Half
- The Warhawks get their first flawless trip to the free-throw line, as McKay goes 3-for-3 at the stripe after drawing a shooting foul beyond the arc. J-Bo answers with a long jumper on the other end, though.

UW 40, UW-Whitewater 37
11:52 2nd Half
- The Warhawks are suddenly on fire at the stripe, as Dustin Mitchell drains a pair, but again J-Bo has an answer with a runner on the other end. With seven team fouls, Badgers have to be careful. Both teams are in the bonus.

UW 42, UW-Whitewater 37
11:41 2nd Half
- Maybe I do know what I'm talking about ... Trevon is called for an offensive foul to take us to the under-12 media timeout. An interesting note is how the Badgers have really found a way to work the ball inside in the second half. They've outscored the Warhawks in terms of points in the paint 20-10, including a 10-2 margin so far in the second half.

UW 42, UW-Whitewater 37
11:04 2nd Half
- Taylor is called for a travel and that's 11 turnovers for the Badgers.

UW 43, UW-Whitewater 37
9:38 2nd Half
- McKay is called for his third foul, which is big because he leads all scorers with 14 points, and sends Marcus to the line. He only gets one, but the Badgers grab another offensive board ... and another ... and Marcus is headed back to the stripe.

UW 44, UW-Whitewater 42
9:15 2nd Half
- Marcus hits one of two to match the Badgers' largest lead at seven, but Kolinske comes up with a pair of free-throws on the other end. A steal (that's 12 turnovers for the Badgers) leads to a three-point play by Vernon and it's suddenly a two-point game. The Warhawks are 11-for-13 at the charity stripe in the half. Talk about a reversal of fortune.

UW 46, UW-Whitewater 42
8:46 2nd Half
- J-Bo cans a pair of free throws, as we have seen 21 fouls called in the first 12 minutes of the second half. There were 17 in the first 20 period.

UW 48, UW-Whitewater 42
7:56 2nd Half
- Whitewater wants a timeout after Marcus snags a defensive rebound and finishes on the other end with a layup. He has eight points, as do Krabby and Nankivil. J-Bo leads the way with nine for the Badgers, while McKay has 14 for the Warhawks to lead all scorers.

UW 48, UW-Whitewater 42
7:56 2nd Half
- The offensive glass has been important to the Badgers in the second half, with eight of their 20 points coming as the second-chance variety. They have a 17-8 lead in rebounding in the half.

UW 48, UW-Whitewater 42
7:06 2nd Half
- Media timeout after a foul on the Warhawks' Kolinske. There hasn't been much flow to the second half with 22 fouls called and 23 free-throws attempted.

UW 53, UW-Whitewater 42
4:32 2nd Half
- Three straight empty possessions for the Warhawks thanks to some inspired defense from the Badgers. Now if only the home team could find some points on the other end ... and they do! Marcus comes up with the biggest offensive board of the night, taking a miss by Krabby and slamming it home. Full timeout, Warhawks.

UW 53, UW-Whitewater 42
4:17 2nd Half
- It's been a dominant effort on the boards for the Badgers, who lead the rebounding battle 33-17. They've scored a dozen second-half points off those boards, too.

UW 53, UW-Whitewater 42
3:35 2nd Half
- Media timeout. Neither team is exactly shooting the lights out, with the Badgers at 37.5 percent from the floor and the Warhawks shooting at a 38.9 percent clip. The teams have gone a combined 4-for-22 from 3-point land. That's 18 percent for those of you who didn't major in math. Keep in mind that the Badgers' half of that total was provided by Krabby in the first half.

UW 55, UW-Whitewater 44
3:32 2nd Half
- We made it a full three seconds without a stoppage ... but Trevon makes the most of it by dropping in a pair of free throws. He has seven points for the game.

UW 61, UW-Whitewater 46
1:38 2nd Half
- Krabby puts in a layup and suddenly the Badgers have three players in double-figure scoring ... Marcus, Krabby and J-Bo each have 10 ... make that a dozen for Krabby after a he finished off a steal by Taylor with another lay-in on the other end. Largest lead of the night for the Badgers.

UW 61, UW-Whitewater 47
1:10 2nd Half
- Nine players have scored for the Badgers tonight, although I'm sure the coaching staff would have preferred to get the bench a little more involved than the score allowed.

UW 61, UW-Whitewater 47
1:10 2nd Half
- Speaking of the bench, the Warhawks empty theirs for the final minute, while Ryan Evans checks in for Trevon, who finished with seven points on 5-for-6 shooting from the free-throw line.

UW 64, UW-Whitewater 47
0:14 2nd Half
- Make that 10 players who scored for the Badgers, as Wilson drains a 3-pointer.

UW 64, UW-Whitewater 47
0:00 2nd Half
- That's it from the Kohl Center, as the Badgers pull away down the stretch to win by a comfortable margin in a game that wasn't always that comfortable.

Thanks for following along with the Gameday Blog, and Go Badgers!

Check back to UWBadgers.com for Coach Ryan's impressions of the team's performance in its exhibition finale, as part of the most extensive coverage of Badger basketball available anywhere.

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