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Men's Basketball: UW vs. San Diego game-day blog

Men's Basketball: UW vs. San Diego game-day blog

Patrick Herb (Assistant Director of Athletic Communications)

Wisconsin advanced to the semifinals of the Paradise Jam Tournament and now faces the San Diego Toreros. Patrick Herb is sitting courtside at the Virgin Islands Sports & Fitness Center and bringing you the play-by-play from inside the gym. Follow along below.

MBB: UW vs. San Diego game-day blog
7:26    Welcome to the live blog for tonight's semifinal match-up between the Badgers and the San Diego Toreros.
I'm sitting courtside again ready to bring you the action from inside the gym.
7:28    Wisconsin just left the floors after warmups and SD is still taking a few extra shots. Tip-off is going to be delayed a few minutes since the UConn vs. Miami game ran a little long. UConn beat Miami 76-63 in that game by the way.
7:30    Tonight's game is being televised on Fox College Sports (channel 617 on Direct TV) and is on the radio all across the Wisconsin Radio Network.
7:31    If Wisconsin wins, it will face UConn in the Championship game tomorrow night at 7:30 p.m. (central). If the Badgers lose they will play Miami at 5 p.m. tomorrow night.
7:32    San Diego is 2-1 on the season and should be a pretty good test for the Badgers tonight. SD returners all five starters from a team that made the 2nd round of the NCAA tourney last year and had wins over UConn, Kentucky, Gonzaga among others.
7:33    The Badgers are pretty represented tonight... maybe two full sections of red. UConn has a huge following down here also. If we play them tomorrow night this place will be rocking!
7:33    Sadly, there are no live stats available for tonight's game. I guess I'm all you've got. I'll do what I can to keep you updated.
7:34   Let's hope we don't have a technology melt-down again tonight huh? For those of you who I left hanging Friday night I apologize. My internet crashed with seven seconds left and the Badgers clinging to a two-point lead. That was not good times.
7:38    Coach Ryan did a quick TV interview before the game and he listed his three keys to victory tonight as follows:
1.) Find our shooting rhythm. After shooting 31.3 vs. Iona, the Badgers would love to find some consistency tonight.
2.) Play older.  UW has a young roster and Coach Ryan is looking for his freshmen and sophomores to  start growing up  quickly.
3.)  Take San Diego out of their offensive comfort zone. SD has a lot  of experience and  Coach would like to keep them from feeling comfortable. 
7:38    [Comment From NICK!!]
After Friday night and Saturday afternoon I don't know if I can handle another OT. Make sure this one finishes in regulation.
7:38    I hear you Nick... I'm pretty sure I devoloped an ulcer from Friday.
7:39    The Badgers will go with this starting lineup:
G Trevon Hughes ("Pop")
G Jason Bohanonn
F Joe Krabbenhoft
F Marcus Landry
F Keaton Nankivil
7:40    [Comment From Matt]
Are the refs the same as the other night?!
7:41    Great question... I know the tournament commitee rotated the referee crews after the first day (not in response to the UW/Iona game). It looked like two of the refs from our Friday night game were doing the Miami/UConn game. So at most we would only have one of the same ones. I'll try to take a look.
7:41    [Comment From Matt P]
Hey Pat- Thanks for the TV heads-up, you made my night. Go Badgers
7:41    No prob... I hope that doesn't mean you're not going to follow the blog though.
7:42    Ok... intros are done and the guys are taking the floor for the tip.
7:42    UW controls the tip
7:43    [Comment From Matt]
Do you know where San Diego is picked to finish in their conference?
7:43    The Toreros are picked for 3rd in the WCC
7:43    Trevon Hughes raises up and hits a long two to start the game... Pop is picking up where he left off Friday. 2-0 UW
7:44    Johnson misses for SD, but they grab the O board. Johnson then drives and drags his pivot foot. TRAVEL
7:45    Hughes loses it on the way up this time for a turnover. UW has ran the full shot clock on both possessions
7:45    SD scores down low. 2-2 with 17:30 left.
7:45    Hughes wide open at the top of the arc... Splash! Hughes hits a 3!

UW leads 5-2
7:46    Jones misses for SD and Keaton boards... on the other end Keaton tries to work in the post, but travels.
7:47    SD misses again around the rim... they've had a few chances down low.

Hughes picks up an offensive foul. Let's not start this again!
7:47    Taylor enters for Pop. Marcus gets a block... his 11th of the season already.
7:48    After a foul on SD, UW in-bounded under the rim and tried to throw an alley-oop of the out-of-bounds play. Landry would have dunked it, but his jersey was grabbed and the foul was called. He'll shoot two.
7:48    Landry hits just one.

Leuer checks in for Keaton.

UW leads 6-2 with 16:05 left
7:49    Landry gets his second block of the game!
7:49    UW turns it over though as Leuer couldn't handle Joe's pass down low. SD answers with a duece.
7:50    another UW turnover leads to a SD runout basket.

6-6   - 14:50 left.
7:50    Wisconsin already has five TOs... Taylor misses.
7:50    Johnson steps into  a three for SD and Toreros on a 7-0 run, lead 9-6.
7:51   SD misses, Krabby rebounds. The Landry finds Leuer cutting for a reverse lay-up. SD leads 9-8.
7:52    Toreros whistled for an illegal screen offensive foul and UW gets the ball back.
Media timeout
Wisc. 8, SD 9 - 13:25 left
7:52    [Comment From Jay]
If Landry avergaes 3 blocks/game, could he get 100 this year? 35 x 3 = 105. I think he could do it.
7:53    That would be sweet... he's playing great help-side defense do far this year. That's were many of his blocks have come from.
7:57    Badgers on a 5-0 run now. Keaton hit a short one, then J-Bo drained a three from the corner. That's a great sign!
7:58    Landry and Nankivil each get another block! Media timeout

Wisc. 13   - SD 9,     11:07 left
7:58    [Comment From stanley]
who did san diego lose to this year?
7:58    SD lost to UNLV in the opener.
7:58    [Comment From pak]
where is game on tomorrow (assuming win)
7:58    Win or lose tomorrow's games are on FSN (Fox Sports Net)
7:59    [Comment From Jack]
This game appears to have better flow -- better officating perhaps
7:59    I didn't say it... but...
7:59    Wisconsin shooting .556 so far. Much better than the .313 Friday night.
8:00    SD ball now and Promare gets position on Landry and makes a two. UW by 2
8:00    Hughes hits a looong two... foot on the line. UW by 4
8:01    Hughes leads UW with 7 pts so far.
Offensive foul called on SD and UW gets the ball back.
8:01    Rob Wilson seeing his first action... Jarmusz in too
8:01    Hughes finds Jarmusz in the corner for a 3! UW by seven.
8:02    UW is running the shot clock down on nearly every possession. The key is, they are getting great looks late in the 35
8:03    SD picks up at half court and stays man-to-man.
Keaton is fouled and will go to the line. Seven team fouls on SD.
8:03    Team fouls are 7-1 in favor of UW thus far. SD can't be happy about that.
8:03    Ginty and Jones each have two fouls for SD.
8:04    Wilson forced to leave as the trainer Henry Perez-Guerra takes a look at him. He must have a cut.
8:04    Keaton misses the first of the one-and-one. Then Krabby called for a foul on defense. His first, team's second
8:05    Promare bulled Krabby, who fell down, no call and Promare put it in for two.
8:05    J-Bo drives and scoops a finger-roll in for two. UW is finding seams in the defense with either drive and kicks or just getting to the rim.
8:06    Another foul on UW and we have a media timeout.

UW 20, SD 13   -   7:49 left
8:07    We heard we would have a different PA tonight... no dice. Same crazy guy. Right now he has a wireless mic and is interviewing someone in the crowd who says they are from South Dakota. The Krabbenhoft cheering section erupts and the announcer says, "The people of South Dakota are crazy."
8:08    SD shooting just .353, UW at .667
8:08    Landry with a tough rebound in traffic gets UW the ball back.
J-Bo wide open misses from three. He wishes he had that back I'm sure.
8:09    Landry draws an offensive foul on Promare (his 2nd). Big play in the game putting him on the bench with two fouls
8:09    [Comment From BadgerDag]
Andy North just said this is a basketball game not a wrestling match. Do you aggree?
8:10    Definitely agree... better spacing and neither team is playing overly aggressive like Iona was. Dorr hits a two for SD.

UW 20, SD 15
8:10    AFter a UW miss, SD scores again and cuts it to 3 with 5:40 left.
8:11    Landry takes his man off the dribble and draws a foul on the shot. He'll shoot two. He hits one and is now 2-for-4 from the line.

UW 21, SD 17
8:12    Landry forces a tough shot and miss. He didn't get the block there, but sure altered the shot. On the other end, J-Bo draws a foul and will shoot two.
8:12    J-Bo having a little trouble in this gym as he misses the first. He hit the second though.
8:13    UW just 3-for-6 at the line today.

Krabby called for a blocking foul... 5th on the team
8:13    That was Joe's 2nd foul so he is replaced by Leuer.
8:14    Scratch that, Keaton. SD misses from 18 feet, but UW turns it over.

No worries, SD gives it right back with a traveling violation.
8:14   SD now in a 1-3-1 zone
8:15    J-Bo passes vertically against zone to Nankivil and he picks up the foul. Fouls are mounting against SD now... 10 total
8:15    Nakivil hits both and he's got 4 points.

UW 24, SD 17   - 4:11 left
8:15    [Comment From Allison]
What's Coach Ryan's attire for the game tonight?
8:16    Khaki pants, black button down Adidas shirt and tennies for Bo.
8:16    SD misses a pair of shots and UW's defense is playing well.
8:17    Hughes dumps on down to Nankivil who floats one in, but a charge is called instead and the basket is waved off. Close call there... looked like he released the ball before the man slid underneath. Not so though.
8:17    Media timeout...

UW 24, SD 17   -   3:29 left
8:19    UW is 5-for-9 at the line, 8-for-14 from the floor.
SD is 8-for 24 from the floor
8:20    Leuer picks up a foul on a putback attempt. That's two on Leuer and Landry will replace him. Lewis to the line for SD... he hits one.

UW 24, SD 18   - 3:18 left
8:20    SD goes full-court pressure... no prob for Hughes
8:21    UW runs the shot clock down to three and Landry is forced to shoot a long three, which is off. SD ball.
8:21   SD misses and Hughes pulls down the rebound with contact.
8:22    Another long three at the end of the shot clock for UW... this time Hughes misses it. UW having trouble getting early looks right.
8:22   That's how you get an early look! Hughes with a steal near midcourt and he lays it in at the other end.
8:23    Timeout SD.

UW 26, SD 18   - 1:19 left
8:24    SD tried to run Johnson off several screens, but he is partially blocked by J-Bo.
8:24    Jarmusz offensive board, but then a turnover on UW.
SD will hold for the final shot.
8:25   Jackson hits a 15-footer with 5 seconds on the shot clock. Hughes heaves a half courter at the buzzer... no good.

8:26    Halftime score:
Wisconsin   26,   San Diego   20

8:37    No crazy halftime antics tonight... some free throw shooting contest instead. As crazy as Friday night's halftime was... I kind of missed it.
8:39    Let's look at some numbers:
UW led by Hughes 9 pts, Landry and Hughes 4 rebs, Landry 3 assists
SD led by Johnson 7 pts, Johnson 4 rebs., Jackson and Ginty 1 assist

UW shooting 50%
SD shooting 31%
8:39    UW has 7 team fouls (Krabby and Leuer with 2)
SD has 11 team fouls (Pomare, Jones, Ginty and Lewis with 2)

UW 17 rebounds
SD 15 rebounds
8:40    UW 9 turnovers
SD 6 turnnovers

8:40    UW fans just sang their own version of Varsity... it was great. All we normally get here is calypso music and weird PA chants... that was true Red and White spirit.

8:41    Johnson starts the second half with a wide open 3 for SD. Hughes got lost on a screen.
8:41    UW 26, SD 23
8:41    Hughes drives and kicks to open J-Bo who misses short from three.
Pomare misses a two on the other end.
8:42    Hughes with a great move using behind the back dribble to get to the rack, but missed the lay-up. He's as ticked at himself as anyone.
8:42    Hughes makes up for it with a 3 from the top!

UW 29, SD 23
8:43    Jones throws it away for SD and nearly cracked his teammate in the head on the bench. The SD bench is doing some rhythmic clapping with the crowd... maybe he wanted to shut them up.
8:44    Nankivil gets into the lane and goes to the jump hook. GOOD! Keaton has a great jump hook, he just needs to develop confidence in it. I'm telling you, he can finish with both hands on the jump hook.
8:44    Keaton with a high-flying rebound on the other end. Keaton might have a spark here as UW leads by 8 with the ball
8:45    J-bo blocked out of bounds with 1 second on the shot clock. In bounds to Landry and shot it off the rim. SD ball
8:45    Johnson with a three other Hughes... he's got 13 points including 3-for-4 from three. SD cuts UW lead to 5, 31-26.
8:46    Krabby can't get the short one to go and SD comes down
8:46    Pomare air balls trying to shoot of Landry. Again, no block, but altered.
8:47    On the UW end Landry hits Keaton for two.
Hughes with a block on Johnson, then J-Bo misses.
8:47    The pace is picking up here.
8:47    At the SD end, Jackson gets to the rim, scores and draws the foul. He'll shoot one after the media timeout.

Wisconsin 33, San Diego 28   - 14:56 in 2nd half

8:49    J-Bo is 2-for-8 from the field and 1-for-5 from deep.
8:50    Jackson hits the free throw and SD presses. UW worked on pressure defense and full court press yesterday at practice. So far so good against SD.
8:51    Leuer gets fouled and hits one of two. UW needs those freebies.
8:51    Johnson drives out of control for SD and somehow gets it to Lewis who gets fouled. He'll shoot two and can cut the game to 3.
8:52    He hits both and it's UW 34, SD 31.
8:52    Foul whistled on B. Johnson... his first, team's second.
8:52    Jarmusz, Taylor and J-Bo at guard, Landry and Leuer at forward for UW.
8:53    Taylor picks up an offensive foul, to the dislike of Coach Ryan. Man I love that stare (glare) he gets.
8:53    Taylor knocks it away on defense, but it goes OB. SD resets and Johnson drives and dishes, but Landry gets another block down low. 5 blocks for Landry!
8:55    Badgers come back with great ball movement ending with a drop pass from J-Bo to Krabby for two. Landry rebounds at the D end.

UW by 5
8:55    Krabby misses, but so does Jackson for SD. Landry boards... he has 7 boards now.
8:56    J-Bo misses from the right elbow... he can't buy one. You know he's a great shooter though, so he has to shoot his way out of this mini-slump.
8:56    Timeout on the floor
Wisconsin 36,   San Diego 31
11:44 left in game
8:57    No Wisconsin player has ever had a triple double, but Landry is working on one here the hard way. He has just two points, but check out these numbers:
7 rebounds, 6 assists, 5 blocks
8:58    UW comes back with Leuer, Nankivil, Krabby, J-Bo and Hughes
8:59    Hughes jumps a pass from Lewis and goes coast-to-coast for a lay-in. Hughes has 14 points tonight.
9:00    Nankivil steals it for UW again... Krabby then goes behind the back to Keaton for a jumper... GOOD! Wisconsin has it's biggest lead at 9 (40-31)
9:01    Johnson has been big for SD, making 3s when they need them most and he just did it again.
9:02    Krabby misses but J-Bo boards, after working it around again Leuer takes Pomare off the dribble and draws Pomare's third foul. He will leave again.
9:02    Leuer picks up another foul... this time on Mafra. Another 35 for UW.
9:03    Hughes slices to the rim and it's goal-tended. Hughes with 16 and UW leads by 8.
9:03    Dorr cuts it to 6 for SD with a 3 from the corner.
9:04    Landry picks up an offensive floor away from the ball... SD player went sliding into the bleacher practically... was that necessary?
9:05    Under 8 media timeout.
Wisconsin 42, San Diego 36
7:59 left in game
9:06    [Comment From nate]
By the way you should tell everyone that they can listen to the game here in madison on AM 1310
9:06    [Comment From Matt]
Is that question directed at Landry for being over aggressive or Jones acting?
9:06    Jones... definitely
9:07    SD misses a three-pointer and J-Bo boards. He has four rebs.
9:08    Foul on Mafra again. He heads to bench.
9:08    UW runs the full clock and then Hughes gives a no-look to Landry for a banked in jumper. Great pass... Hughes is having a great tourney
9:09    Dorr hits a jumper and UW leads 44-38 with 6:18 to go
9:10    Landry might starting to assert himself. He got the ball in the post, backed down his defender, scored and got the foul. His free throw is no good.

He only has 6 points, but he's having a big impact.
9:10    Rebound is tapped out though and Jarmusz dives on the floor to tie up the ball. UW has the arrow and keeps the ball.

UW 46, SD 38   - 6:11 left
9:10    Both teams have 7 team fouls now
9:12    Trapping zone D for SD now... UW working the ball. Late in the clock Hughes penetrates again and floats one in for two! UW leads by 10.

Hughes has been so clutch late in the clock tonight, either driving and scoring or dishing to open teammates.
9:12    Hughes has 18 pts, 4 reb and 2 assists.
9:12    Timeout SD
9:13    [Comment From sdcheezhd]
Did Hughes get away with one on the bucket? USD guys wanted an offensive foul.
9:14    There was some contact, but I thought the defender came in late.
9:14    UW goes with Taylor, Hughes, Tim, Krabby and Landry
9:14    Pomare lays on in just as the shot clock goes off. Hard earned bucket there... Good D by Wisco.
9:15    [Comment From Robert]
Taylor and Hughes together...I wondered when we would see this combo
9:15    That sure gives UW a lot of quicknes and ball handling late in games.
9:15    Taylor down to Landry, who draws a double team and travels.
9:15    [Comment From Adam]
How does the team's attitude compare tonight as opposed to last night?
9:16    Much more patient, I'd say. Crowd too.
9:16    Pomare misses over Landry's block attempt... Tim with the board.
9:17    Taylor misses from three and Jarmusz scrambles for the rebound and gets fouled as he gets to it. Jarmusz is a tough player who has been getting some big minutes for UW. He played late in regulation and the entire OT Friday night.
9:17    Timeout on the floor...

UW 48, SD 40
3:11 left

9:19    Jarmusz on the line now after the hustle play. He's joined on the floor by J-Bo, Hughes, Krabby and Landry.

Both throws are good... UW back up 10
9:20    Johnson does it again! I swear... everytime they need it, he hits it. Johnson for three.
9:20    Hughes defense was good too, but he just shot over him. J-Bo misses in the lane on the other end. SD with the ball down seven.
9:21    Johnson gets a little too confident and airballs a three. So ok, he doesn't hit one EVERY time they need it.
9:21    1-2-2 full court press now for SD... no problem for UW.
9:22    Krabby finds Jarmusz open under the hoop for two and a foul! Great look by Krabby. Tim makes the free throw and UW back up 10.
9:22    Jarmusz matches his career high with 8 and Oshkosh goes crazy.
9:23    [Comment From Prime]
You are darn right Oshkosh is going crazy! Let's go badgers!
9:23    [Comment From Matt]
Oshkosh Represent! [Crazy]
9:24    I knew you were out there.
9:25    UW up 54-45.

Hughes goes to the line. He hits both... UW up 10 now.
9:25    Pomare runs over Landry and then scores. Wow... he just bull-rushed him, but no call was made so we keep going. Timeout SD.
9:26    RESET:
Wisconsin 55, San Diego 47
1:20 left.

Team fouls: UW 8, SD 10

9:26    SD picks up full court here as UW stays with same lineup. Krabby gets mugged near mid-court as UW handles the pressure again.
9:27    Yesterday's practice is really paying off as UW looks very poised and confident against SD's defense.

Krabby hits both free throws and UW is up 10 again with 1:10 left.
9:27    Jones scores a quick two and SD won't go away. 1:09 left. Did that really only take one second? Crazy.
9:27    My math must be wrong.
9:28    [Comment From Sean]
Krabby mugged midcourt = travel tonight?
9:28    hahaha... not tonight. Foul is called!
9:28    Jarmusz  in bounds against the press to J-Bo and he's immediately fouled.
9:29    This time J-Bo hits both... last night he missed a pair in OT and was pretty disappointed about it. 59-49 now.
9:29    SD turns it over with 1:00 left and UW can win handly if they make free throws.
9:30    Another whistle as Jones is called for a blocking foul. Hughes to the line.
He drains both.

Pop scored 21 Friday and has 22 tonight.
9:30    Steal by Krabby and this one is in the books. San Diego calls off the fouls.
9:31    Wisconsin moves to the Championship game against UConn. Stay on UWBadgers.com for all the info.
9:31    Landry ices it with a three!       64-49 Wisconsin wins!
9:31    See you for tomorrow night's game vs. No. 2 UConn at 7:30 p.m. on Fox Sports Net.

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