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MBB: UW at Michigan courtside blog

MBB: UW at Michigan courtside blog

Patrick Herb (ANN ARBOR, Mich.)

Please join Patrick Herb as he chronicles all the action from today's New Year's Eve clash between the Badgers and No. 23 Michigan with the Game Day Blog. Remember, the blog is interactive, so be sure to chime in with comments and questions and vote in the polls.

The live blog will start at 12:45 p.m. CT, with tipoff at 1:05 p.m.

For quick links to notes, radio links and live stats, visit our Game Day page. The game will be broadcast on ESPN2 and online at ESPN360.com. Tonight's game airs live on the radio on AM 1310 WIBA in Madison or for a fee on Yahoo.com. Mobile users can view the archived blog HERE.

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MBB: UW at Michigan courtside blog(12/31/2008) 
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Welcome Badger fans to the courtside blog live from Crisler Arena here in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

UW officially starts the Big Ten schedule today against No. 23 ranked Michigan.

Let's set the scene... it's over winter break here on campus, so student turnout is low. That also means that we have an alumni pep band for today. I'm told the game is not really close to a sell-out, so we'll see how many people show.

Right now the Badgers are on the floor warming up, but Michigan was nice enough to turn off the lights in the arena in anticipation of the Wolverines arrival on court. So that means our guys are shooting in the dark. Good news is, they're still draining em.


It's only 3 minutes until lineups and the UM student section has about 34 people in it I'd say. Give or take one.

The good news is the  lights are back up and I can see my keyboard. The bad news is we're subjected to Hail to the Victors. Shivers.
Where do you think UW will finish in the Big Ten?
 ( 17% )
 ( 38% )
 ( 21% )
 ( 25% )
Fifth or worse
 ( 0% )

Here is a picture or Wisconsin's locker room here. They really take care of the visitors. We have to use the wrestling locker room and the players just throw their stuff on the floor.
There were plenty of jokes flying around about not getting ringworm from the showers. I think I'll stay out.

National anthem is just about complete and we're almost set.

Michigan wins the tip (rarity) and immediately Manny Harris gets to the rim and lays it in.
Landry finds a seam in the UM 1-3-1 zone on the Badgers first possession and answers with a hoop AND foul!
The free throw is good... UW leads 3-2

UM misses on offense and the ball goes back to UW.
Jon Leuer comes in quickly for Keaton and immediately hits a six-footer. 5-2 now.

Douglass comes off a screen and misses a 3-pointer for UM. UW board by Krabby.
Michigan goes man-to-man now. Guess they didn't like the good looks Wisco got early on.
The Badgers see man-to-man and Landry promptly drains a 3! Hot start for Bucky.
Michigan answers with a 3 from Novak. 8-5 Badgers now.
UM switches back to the zone  and Hughes gets blocked on a jumper from the wing. He then compounds it by picking up a foul fighting for the loose ball.
Sims gets an inside hoop, but Jon Leuer (Mr. 25 points at Michigan last year) knocks down a 3-pointer.
Badgers lead 11-7.
We're at the media timeout now and let's look at the stats quickly.
Wisconsin leads 11-7
UW is shooting 80% and 2-of-2 from 3-point range
UM   is shooting 60% and 1-of-2 from 3-point range
Landry (6) and Leuer (5) have all of the Badgers points thus far.
I think if we can keep up this 80% shooting we'll win today. Just a hunch.
[Comment From Ron]
At work so appreciate the "feed".  A season ticket holder who has to work.  Humbug.  Thanks again.
I'm working too Ron, but that's not a complaint!
Sims draws a foul by Landry and makes both free throws.
Landry, Krabby, Leuer, Hughes and J-Bo on the floor.
Landry slices to the rim and scores on a lay-up. Landry has 8 and UW leads by 4.
Harris misses off the side of the backboard (I know, strange). UW boards.
J-Bo drives baseline and comes wide open for a lay-up. UW getting a lot of easy looks right now. Great spacing and ball movement.

Harris misses for UM and UW boards. Tim Jarmusz, Rob Wilson and Gullikson enter the game.

Rob Wilson has about 20 friends and family here today, including his mother Deborah. This is the first game she has been able to attend as she made the drive up from Cleveland. I know it means a lot to Rob to have her here.
Leuer gets into the lane and hangs for a 12-footer. Swish! UW is blazing hot!
UM is not... they misfire. UW boards.
[Comment From Hip]
Who is guarding Harris?  He seems to be a non-factor at this point!
Good question... Krabbenhoft started off on Harris, but now that Joe is out, Rob Wilson draws the assignment.
Rob Wilson gets a feed from   Tim down low and banks it in, plus a foul.
He nails the free throw... UW by 11 at 20-9.
Novak answers with another 3 for Michigan. But just as quickly Jarmusz scores a lay-up on a great feed from Kevin.
Harris misses for Mich and Jarmusz slid over to cut him off in front of the rim.
Rob Wilson attacks on offense and draws a foul. He hits both free throws... that a boy Rob. UW by 12 again.
Harris and Sims both out for Michigan now, but we head to the under 12 timeout.
[Comment From A.M.AthComm4Life]
ESPN2 is giving us NO love.. they are all like, "wow what is going on with wisconsin? this is so surprising cuz they are so hot! blah blah blah..."
UW leads 24-12 with 11:46 left
Badgers are shooting 90% (9-of-10)
Michigan is shooting 40% (4-of-10)
Gullikson picked up a foul and sends Lucas-Perry to the line for two. He's short on the first.
He hits the second FT.
Wilson, Taylor, Keaton, Joe and Marcus on the floor for UW.
Wilson travels on the offensive end... that's UW's FIRST turnover thus far.
Wilson goes out and J-Bo comes in. Coach didn't like that apparently.
Krabby rebounds a miss and back comes UW.
Badgers milk the clock and get it into Joe, but he misses a jump hook. UM rebounds.
Sims and Harris still out (that's about 50% of their scoring) and UM misses a three in their stead.
Landry goes back to work and scores another hoop near the bucket.
Lucas-Perry gets a long rebound off a missed 3-pointer and hits a 15-footer.
J-Bo rims out a 3 and UM boards. Grady knocks down a quick 3-pointer on the offensive end. UW leads 26-18. Leuer checks in for Keaton.
Crowd trying to get the team hyped on defense. J-Bo backs down his man and gets called for a charge. That only excites the crowd further. Good thing this place isn't full.
Landry picks up his 2nd foul. He'll check out for Jarmusz.
Lucas-Perry rings up a 3-pointer and the UW lead is shaved to five now.
Joe gets to the rim and hits a one-hander to silence the crowd. Tough shot.
Michigan travels and that's the Wolverines first TO. Pretty clean game thus far.
We're at a TV timeout.
UW 28, UM 21
7:23 left
Wisconsin has cooled a bit and is now shooting JUST 78.6%. The thing I like is there were assists recorded on 7 of UW's first 9 baskets. That is a symbol of really finding open spots in the zone and then of course knocking down shots.
[Comment From Alex]
I think everyone is forgetting the X factor in where UW will finish in the Big Ten - The Kohl Center.  The Badgers are the toughest team in the conference at home - I think they have a legit shot to win the league considering there are 5 legit contenders this year that will be exchanging blows.
That's a good point. I wouldn't bet against a Bo Ryan team. Although, the Big Ten should be strong top to bottom this year. Illinois winning at Purdue last night illustrates that.
Grady picks up UM's 5th team foul. Harris and Sims back in now. They sat for quite awhile.
Hughes gets on the board with a 3-pointer from the wing. UW up 31-21.
Leuer picks up a blocking foul... his 1st, team's 6th.
Teams exchange misses and UW works the ball around.
Leuer from the top is no good. UM rebounds. Michigan misses on O and the fans scream for a foul. No dice.
Leuer pump-fakes Sims and then takes him to the rim and banks it in. He's such a tough match-up for defenses. You have to guard him from deep (UM knows that too well), but he's quick enough to take you off the dribble too. He has 9 points today.
Lucas-Perry drives and gets fouled by Leuer. That's two on him and he'll sit (Kevin in).
Lucas-Perry hits one FT. UW leads 33-22
Wilson misses from the corner, but Kevin gets the O board. They reset.
Taylor drives, spins and misses a floater. Novak quickly hits a 3 on the other end. They don't waste time pulling the trigger.
Joe spins at the top of the key and gets a nice drive to the rim, drawing a foul on Sims. That's two on the big fella.
Harris and Sims average 37.0 points per game for Michigan this year. So far tonight they have a total of 6 points. UW is putting emphasis on stopping them, but that's even better than I could have hoped.
The band is revving up the crowd during this TO and the band director is responsible for most of that. He's great... jumping, dancing and waving his arms. Big entertainer and the fans love it.
[Comment From karl]
It looks like Michigan is taking Leuer more serious this time around.
They might be, but he's still got 9 on them. They took him more seriously in games 2 and 3 against Michigan last year too. He didn't get as many open looks in those games.
Krabby hits both freebies and UW is up 10, 35-25 with 3:00 left.
Douglass misses a deep three and it goes out of bounds off Gullikson. UM keeps it.
Novak gets to the rim and hits. He has 11 and leads the Wolves.
Krabby with a 3-pointer from the corner!
Harris gets blocked by Krabby but gets it back and scores. He's tough, but Krabby is chest-to-chest with him.
Pop draws a foul on the floor... he hits both bonus throws. UW 40-29 with 1:27 left.
[Comment From shane]
who's guarding Novak?  He's on fire so far.
Tim Jarmusz is on him now, but they've been rotating a bit.
Gullikson picks up a second foul. They've been getting good minutes from the walk-on SR. lately, but he'll sit now. Taylor checks in.
LP hits both for UM.
With the shot clock running down Pop misses a long 3. UM misses a quick 3 on offense and Hughes rebounds. Bo calls TO with 33.6 left in the half. Shot clock is at 31.
[Comment From tom in Middleton]
maiking our charity stripe attempts  8-8  thats a great plus
You bet... that hasn't been a major strong suit for UW this season, so this first half is a nice surprise.
Taylor hits a jumper... that's a great sign if UW can get him going! Harris misses a 17-footer at the buzzer on the other end.
Wisconsin 42, Michigan 31
Great half for UW, 65% shooting and only 2 turnovers will do that. Only 20 minutes in the books though... gotta come out with the same patience, defensive intensity and sharp-shooting eye in half two.
[Comment From Joe]
What is their FG% at half?

Michigan is at 38.5% (10 of 26)

Wisconsin is at 65.2% (15 of 23)

We've got dog speed racing at halftime. It's like a 30 yard hurdles event on the floor.
[Comment From Joe]
Wow, I can't remember a better half than that in recent memory...go Badgers!
Landry leads UW with 10 points and Leuer has 9.
Jarmusz leads UW with 4 rebounds and Krabbenhoft has 3.
Novak is pacing Michigan with 11 points, while Lucas-Perry has 9.
Harris, Novak and Lucas-Perry each have 3 rebounds.
[Comment From Alex]
This is an important game for their confidence - need to beat a ranked team.
Agreed... UW has faced three ranked opponents this year and has come close, but hasn't won one yet.

We're back with second half action. UW starts with the ball.

J-Bo hits a runner and UW continues the hot shooting.
So does Novak for UM though... he drains a 3-pointer.
UW leads 44-34
Huhges misses from 18 feet. Lucas-Perry misses for UM but Novak gets the board and puts it in. Can't allow those easy buckets.
Nankivil knocks down a jumper from the elbow. Wouldn't hurt to get him in the scoring action.
Sims answers with a 3-pointer. You know Michigan has a run in them, just gotta stem the tide when it comes.
UW leads 46-39.
Big play in the game, Landry gets whistled for his 3rd foul on the offensive end. Tough call. He'll stay in for now.
Douglass misses from 3 and UW boards. Hughes drives to the rim and banks it in. Nice play.
Hughes makes another big play with a steal and run-out basket in transition. UW up 11 again.
Starting 5 in for UW now.
Sims backs down Nankivil and swishes a turnaround from the basline. tough shot... not much you can do.
Hughes is feeling it... he drains a 3 from the wing.
UM misses and Krabby boards.
Landry can't get it to fall from inside and UM boards, but Pop steals it back. UW will slow it up a bit.
Landry misses a jump hook but Krabbenhoft yanks down an offensive board.
That leads to a Hughes 3-pointer. He has 15 points (10 this half).
Wisconsin leads 56-41, it's biggest lead of the game.
Harris draws a foul and hits one of two free throws.
Hughes has 10 straight points for UW right now.
UW is really working it into Landry and this time it pays off as he hits a short jumper. UW by 16. Michigan can't get a shot to go and Leuer travels on offense for UW.
Michigan misses again and Hughes rebounds. He gives it to Landry who misses a 3-pointer. Sims then gets a runout basket on the other end. UW has done a great job of eliminating fast break opportunities, but UM got one there.
12:27 left in the game
Wisconsin gets a 19-foot jumper from Bohannon... swish. J-Bo has 6.
Grady airballs a deep shot as the shot clock expires and UW gets it back. Great on-ball defense from Taylor there as the clock ran down.
TV timeout
UW 60, Michigan 44
11:26 left
Landry flushes a power dunk from J-Bo out of the timeout. Crowd is silent.
Harris misses a 3-pointer and UW runs it back down court.
Landry puts his head down and drives to the rim. He gets called for a charge and that's four fouls on him. He'll sit.
J-Bo, Hughes, Krabby, Leuer and Tim on the floor.
J-Bo misses from the corner and UM comes back with a 3-pointer from the corner by Novak. UW by 15.
Leuer misfires from 15 and Krabby picks up an off-ball foul.
Grady overlays and drive to the rim and Leuer clears it.
Joe misses from inside and UM gets a runout hoop by Gibson. Plus a foul on J-Bo. Leuer and J-Bo will exit for Keaton and Rob.
Gibson clangs the FT and Wilson gets the loose ball by hitting the deck.
UM with a little full court pressure. UW handles but Pop misses.
Harris misses again for Michigan. He still has just 5 points.
A foul on Michigan and we're at a media timeout.
UW 62, UM 49
7:03 left

Clock running down and Huhges is forced to shoot a DEEP three. It misses off the iron and then Hughes is called for a foul.

Landry (4) is the only Badger with more than 2 fouls.
Scratch that, Krabby just got his 3rd on a questionable call. He'll stay in as Harris heads to the line.
Harris hits both FTs.
Against pressure, Tim finds Wilson down low for a tough basket. UW by 13. UM misses on the other end.
The 1-3-1 zone is extended to half court now, which forces UW to start its offense deep. Tim misses a three and UM boards.
Michigan misses a three, but Sims rebounds and gets fouled (Hughes' 3rd) going up. He hits  one of two  FTs.
Landry checks in for Joe.
J-Bo misses a three, but Sims misses a dunk for Michigan. UW boards, but a turnover and foul on Leuer (his 3rd) gives it back. Timeout.
UW 64, Michigan 52
3:52 left
Sims hits one of two and UW is up 11.
Hughes gets into the lane, but can't get it to drop.
Harris gets a finger roll bucket on the other end.
Crowd is amped now.
This game is far from over.
UW has a great answer as Landry seals off his defender, gets a feed from Hughes and lays it in.
Then Harris gets called for a charge that Tim draws. Nice play. Tough night for Harris.
J-Bo gets in deep and find Leuer under the rim for a dunk!
Landry fouls out trying to draw a charge. Lucas-Perry hits both FTs. UW by 11 with 2 minutes left.
Michigan trapping all over the court now trying to get a turnover. Finally they foul J-Bo with 9 seconds left on the shot clock. That can't be what they wanted.
J-Bo misses the front end
UW 68, UM 57 - 1:37 left
Hughes with his 3rd steal of the game and he pulls it up to run clock. They foul J-Bo. This one looks good for ole Bucky now.
Fans flock to the exits.
J-Bo hits just one and UW is up 69-57.
Merritt scores a lay-up for UM and they call timeout.
UW 69, UM 59 with 0:59.3 left
UW breaks the presss and them UM fouls Krabby. Joe hits the first... and the second.
UW by 12 with 53.8 left.
Hughes gets his 4th steal of the game and he gets fouled promptly. Harris turned that one over, his 4th TO of the game.
Hughes misses the first but hits the 2nd.
Sims gets to the rim and lays it in. UW breaks the press again and Leuer gets fouled. They're trying to stretch this game, but UW's cushion should be big enough today.
Leuer hits one and UW is up 73-61 with 23.6 left.
Great win for the Badgers today over a ranked team on the road. Happy New Years Wisconsin!
Final score...

Wisconsin 73, Michigan 61
Thanks for reading!

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