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The spirit of Wisconsin

The spirit of Wisconsin

Justin Doherty (Assistant AD for Communications)

They don’t shoot three-pointers, score touchdowns or make great saves, but they’re represented at a great many Wisconsin athletics events and they always put on a great performance.

I’m talking, of course, about the UW Spirit Squad.

Under the guidance of director Josette Scheer, a one-time member of the UW cheerleading squad, and assistant director Amy Johnson, the Badger dance team and the Bucky mascots competed over the weekend at the UCA/UDA College Cheer and Dance Team Nationals. (Watch the performances.)

Wisconsin finished fourth nationally in the dance hip-hop competition (behind Cincinnati, LSU and Memphis) and fifth in the jazz competition behind Tennessee, Florida State, Minnesota and Cincinnati.

"The Bucky Badger mascots and Dance Team had a great showing at this year's national championship,” Scheer said. "I am extremely proud of their hard work and dedication this entire year and especially leading up to the national competition. The Buckys worked extremely hard throughout the past year to compile videos of our various events, brainstorm for a creative theme and construct very intricate props. The dance team consists of 15 young, intelligent and extremely talented women. Each and every team member is a terrific ambassador of the University of Wisconsin and is excited to represent our school at home and on the national level."

Rachel Ruetz, a junior co-captain on the dance team, concurred. “This year our team has put more time and energy into preparation for nationals than ever before. I couldn't be more proud of how committed everyone was throughout the past few months!"

The Bucky Badgers, who cover more than 600 events per year including UW sporting, University, community, non-profit and private events, finished sixth in the mascot competition.

"Bucky took us on an amazing trip the past few months qualifying and competing at nationals,” said Jeff Thiel, a senior Bucky. “Despite a disappointing final result I am not disappointed with the level of effort put into this project and this has been a truly enjoyable experience."

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