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MBB: UW at Illinois courtside blog

MBB: UW at Illinois courtside blog

Patrick Herb (Assistant Director of Athletic Communications)

Please join Patrick Herb as he chronicles from courtside all the action from today's game at Assembly Hall between the Badgers and Illinois with the Game Day Blog. Remember, the blog is interactive, so be sure to chime in with comments and questions and vote in the polls. The live blog will start at 2:45 p.m.

For quick links to game notes and radio links visit our Game Day page. The game will be broadcast live on ESPN with Dave O'Brien and Doris Burke calling the action. Today's game airs live on the radio on AM 1310 WIBA in Madison or for a fee on Yahoo.com. Mobile users can view the archived blog HERE.

Note: Mac users may view Cover it Live blog in Safari, but they cannot participate in the polls or reader responses. Use Firefox to interact with the blog. Small handhelds may be able to view the live blog on uwbadgers.com/mobile.


MBB: UW at Illinois courtside blog(01/24/2009) 
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Welcome to the courtside blog at Assembly Hall in Champaign, Ill. Glad you're with us for today's Big Ten match.
The Badgers have gone back to their original starting lineup for today. Sounds like the Kevin Gullikson start was a one-game hiatus. Keaton Nankivil returns to the starting lineup along side Marcus Landry, Joe Krabbenhoft, Trevon Hughes and Jason Bohannon.
Should be a big and loud crowd for today's game. A decent amount of students (The Orange Krush) were in here early getting their courtside seats. I don't even know why they have seats since they don't spend even a minute in them.
This looks like a gym that has an intimidating student section. Not because they have a bunch of weight-lifters or bikers in the front row, but the crowd is literally on the court. It's not uncommon for the fans to give hi-fives to Illini players running back down court.
In fact, the students are so close here that the TV talent (Dave O'Brien and Doris Burke) can't even see the corners of the court when the place gets rowdy. They admitted that at times they might have to guess as to whether a shot from the near corner is a 2-pointer or a 3-pointer. Makes them appreciate the Kohl Center they said.
Another note on the student section... they are now stretching. Literally. They've got a "yell leader" or something down in front instructing synchronized stretches and jumping jacks. Pretty amusing.
The Badgers just took the floor right as they were introducing the Orange Krush. Lots of boos and jumping around.
Lots of orange!
The national anthem just wrapped and as you can see above... Bo and the boys are focused.
They've got the drum beat going during lineups, but it's just not the same without Chief Illiniwek doing his ritual dance around the court.
3:10 tip today and we're about to get underway!
Illinois will start McCamey, Frazier, Davis, Tisdale and Meachem.
Landry loses the tip to the Illini 7-footer. ILL will start with the ball.
Krabby is on McCamey and Hughes is on Frazier.
McCamey misses a long jumper and Hughes boards... good defense on the 1st possession.
Even better offense as great ball movement finds an open Krabby for THREEEE!
Mike Davis floats one in from the lane... 3-2 UW lead.
J-Bo misses from the corner, but Davis misses a 3 for ILL. UW Ball.
Hughes gets in deep and uses a nice step-back jumper for two. UW up 3 now.
Tisdale hits a 16-foot jumper as the shot clock is about to buzz... great defense until the final moment.
Keaton misses a three and ILL hurries down court.
Oh c'mon... Frazier just banked in a 3-pionter from the top of the arc. Let's hope we get a couple of those bounces too.
Landry misses, but Pop (Hughes) steals the ball as ILL comes down court. He converts it with a 10-foot jumper. Hughes has made a few nice plays so far. That's a good sign.
Moving screen called on ILL and UW will get it back in a tie game. Media timeout.
Wisconsin 7
Illinois 7

[Comment From rachel fritz]
hey patrick, even when the game is on tv..this still is a very nice compliment!  let's go badgers!
Thanks Rachel... nice to hear.
[Comment From Orty]
Can you see (I kno it is tough to see) any more determination or grittiness early on...these guys have too much pride to continue losing...
you're right... it's tough to measure something like that, but they were pretty focused all trip. This is business to them today, I know that.
Leuer airballs a three and he'll hear about that. Hughes makes another nice play, saving the ball OB off an ILL player.
UW converts off the out of bounds as Landry leaves it for Leuer for two.
Quick answer by ILL as McCamey scores down low. 9-9
J-Bo misses a deep two from the corner and ILL dribbles down. They are trying to push the tempo today. A turnover goes back to UW.
Krabby gets blocked by the ILL 7-footer. Leuer gets it back tho battling down low with Tisdale. He drew an offensive foul down in the post. Nice play, nice call.
Jarmusz and Taylor enter and play with Landry, Hughes and Leuer.
Davis takes a dribble then floats one over Landry for two. Leuer can't replicate it on offense, but Tim gets the rebound. Oooh... he traveled trying to get the ball out.
ILL misses a quick jumper, but so does Gullikson at the other end (he's in now by the way).
Leuer blocks a driving shot from Frazier... nice help defense as Taylor sent him that way. UW turns it back over on offense though and that brings us to the uner 12:00 TO.
Wisconsin 9
Illinois 11

11:44 left in the 1st half
Landry, Wilson and Krabbenhoft will check in for the Badgers after the TO. They join Taylor and Leuer.
Meachem works off a screen and buries a 3 from the wing. UW down five.
J-Bo in for Wilson. That was quick for Rob.
Taylor is still feeling some confidence after Wednesday's game. He pulls up and hits a 15-footer in rhythm. ILL answers though.
Leuer can't get a 3-pointer to go from the top and ILL gets a runner off the glass to fall. ILL by seven. Then Krabby gets striped by McCamey who converts it for an easy runout two at the other end. Bo calls a needed TO.
Obviously there is plenty of time left, but we hate to get down by too many on the road. ILL is on a 13-0 run right now.
Great ball movement out of the TO for UW. Taylor drives, kicks to Hughes over to Krabby then to Landry for an open 3-pointer and he drains it. That was great execution... had ILL chasing.
ILL misses, but Joe picks up a foul on the rebound effort.
Brock misses a floater and Hughes rebounds. UW ball down 20-14.
Badgers get the ball to Landry in the post and he finds a cutting Keaton for a semi-dunk. He touched the rim, but it was a soft touch. Still counts for two.
ILL misses and Joe rebounds... UW trying to make a run.
Joe can't get a 15-footer to go and ILL boards. Not many second opportunities for Wisconsin yet today.
Timeout on the floor.
Wisconsin 16
Illinois 20

7:27 left in the 1st half
Illinois is shooting at 53% so far and the Badgers are at 39%. Let's hope that evens out.
Rebounds are 11-9 in ILL favor. McCamey will head to the line for two. He was fouled just before the TO.
He hits one of two.
Hughes can't get a 3-pointer to fall and ILL comes away with it.
Keller misses a deep 2 off a pick and roll. Ball goes OB to Wisconsin.
Landry misses on a 3-pointer and UW is 2 of 7 from deep so far.
ILL scores a duece at the other end.
UW trails 23-16
Krabby works in the post and makes a nice move to get space against Brock. He draws the foul, but can't get the shot to foul.
Joe misses for just the fourth time all year, but he makes the second. He's the team's top FT shooter at 31-35 on the year.
Joe leaves his feet and McCamey drives. Landry slides over and tries to draw the foul, but picks up a blocking foul. Late whistle. McCamey converts both FTs.
UW down 25-17 with 5:00 left.
Landry gets bumped driving into the lane and the foul is called. Landry will shoot two.
To the taunts of GOGGLES, GOGGLES, Landry calming hits both free throws. He will exit to more goggles cheers. Gulilkson enters.
Frazier beats Hughes back door for an easy two.
Krabby answers with a two and a foul. The crowd is very disappointed with the call should we say.
Krabby hits the bonus throw.
UW down 27-22
Frazier trying to work one-on-one against Krabby late in the shot clock gets whistled for a carry. The 5th turnover on ILL brings us to the media timeout.
Wisconsin 22
Illinois 27

3:44 left in the 1st half
A three second violation on UW gives the ball back to ILL. That's the Badgers' 4th TO of the day.
Meachem misses a 3-pointer at the shot clock horn... UW board by J-Bo.
Jordan Taylor misses for UW, but the big boys get active. Joe misses a tip, but Gullikson gets it and gets fouled going up. He'll shoot two.
Gully hits the second. He's now 1-for-6 at the line this year.
ILL still shooting above 50 percent, but there's another miss and UW comes down.
Leuer misses a turn-around in the lane and ILL converts in a big way.
McCamey hits a jumper and Joe gets called for the slightest of touch fouls. Tough one to swallow in a physical game.
McCamey hits the FT and ILL is back up 7 at 30-23 with 1:17 left.
ILL calls timeout to draw up a play.
Wisconsin 25
Illinois 30
39.2 left in the 1st half
McCamey finds Davis down low for a dunk. Ouch.
Hughes hurries down the floor annd heaves a long jumper... it airballs, but Keaton tips it in at the buzzer!
The refs are saying no good... after the horn. Bo is screaming for them to look at the replay. They will review it.
After a few minutes they rule NO GOOD. Bummer... that would have been sweet. Still a nice heads-up play from Keaton, just a split-second too late.
Wisconsin 25
Illinois 32

We've got the Jessie White tumbles at halftime today... they are always fun. Who doesn't love crazy flipping and trampoline jumping?
[Comment From claude]
no comments---maybe no one is reading this blog???
We have plenty to comments... just not enough time to discuss them all. It's a tight game and all.
[Comment From chuck]
jbo had like first shot of game; has he had any others?
Good call... J-Bo is 0-2 today. Gotta get him some more looks.
[Comment From A.M. in Kellner]
Can you see on your stats sheets how many ties there were in the first?
Looks like 2 ties and 3 lead changes
Just got the stat sheet... let's look it over.
Krabbenhoft leads the Badgers with 7 points
McCamey has 10 points for ILL
Rebounds are 16-14 in Wisconsin's favor (6-2 lead on the offensive glass for UW).
ILL shot 54.2%
UW shot 33.3%

Turnovers are close: UW 4, ILL 5
Look at him fly! The Jesse White Tumblers ladies and gentlemen.
Random note... the stat sheet has Wisconsin abbreviated as WISCY.
UW will start with the ball in the second half.
Keaton takes a bump down low and misses... no call. ILL rebounds.
Ok, Keaton wiped out his man and stole it. Hughes misses a 3 at the end of the shot clock for UW.
McCamey picks up his first foul on the glass after an ILL miss. Really the only player in foul trouble is the ILL big man who had two in the first half.
J-Bo misses... he's 0-for-3 today. Gullikson replaces Keaton on the floor.
McCamey rattles in a 3-pointer and ILL is up 10. 35-25.
Joe Krabby answers with a 3! His second of the game. That's a career high!
Hughes picks up his first foul and then ILL gets a two from Tisdale off the glass. That was a second-chance hoop too.
Tisdale then blocks Landry and ILL is off and running.
Uh-oh... Tisdale just scored again and drew a foul from Landry. He misses the FT, but ILL has its biggest lead at 39-28.
Taylor misses and ILL rebounds. Meachem drives, leaves it for Davis and he scores. Bo calls a timeout.
ILL leads 41-28 and this one is in danger of slipping away.
[Comment From chuck]
com'on landry; step up as a senior
We could sure use somebody to put us on his back for a stretch here.
Taylor with a great feed down to Gullikson for two.
ILL then turns it over, but so does UW.
Media timeout
Wisconsin 30
Illinois 41

14:29 left
Joe gets run over and a blocking foul is called on him. Tough call, but a good effort from Joe trying to take that charge.
Coach Ryan is applauding Joe's effort.... and he gets T'd!
What!?!?! Literally, all he said was "Great job Joe" while calling his hands.
Meachem hits both technical foul FTs and then Frazier hits both of his for the foul called. Big four points right there. ILL is up 45-30 now.
Landry for two down low.
ILL misses a three and Joe rebounds.
Landry hits one from the corner... ok, ok.
ILL leads 45-34.
Davis swishes one from the baseline for ILL, but he picks up a foul checking Landry.
Landry hits a deep two from the corner and he's starting to feel it.
Hughes with a steal and runout. Pass to J-Bo, back to Pop and he's fouled.
Hughes hits the second one only, cutting the deficit to 10 at 47-37.
Good D by UW forced a tough shot... Hughes rebounds. Chance to get it into single digits.
Krabby can't get a 3-pointer to go from the wing... ILL rebounds.
Frazier gets in the lane at the end of the 35 and makes a circus shot.
Landry finds an open Krabby under the hoop and he can't get the short one to drop. He fights the board, tips it, then draws a foul.
Media TO
Wisconsin 37
Illinois 49

10:04 left
Hughes swishes a 3 out of the TO. UW cuts it to single digits and Pop has 8 points.
Landry gets a piece of it and it goes back to UW. Landry initiates contact down, but can't get the leaner to fall. Back to ILL.
McCamey is hot tonight... he just nailed another 3 from the wing. I don't have his numbers, but I know he has 18 points.
A shot clock violation on UW gets this crowd to its feet. It was loud for a second there, but overall this hasn't been as loud as other arenas.
Davis misses off the glass and UW runs it down. Gotta play with a little urgency now.
Hughes drives and hits a really tough finger roll. Great play Pop... UW down 10, 52-42.
McCamey finally missed and Leuer rebounds. Keller picks up a foul as he rides Taylor down court. Timeout on the floor.
Wisconsin 42
Illinois 52

6:44 left
Joe Krabby loses a contact lens on a scrum after the timeout. Henry Perez-Guerra is all over it to give him sight.
Krabby got fouled on that play to by the way. He hit one of two FTs and UW is down 9 again.
McCamey missed another 3-pointer and ILL gets called for a foul going for the rebound. Krabby will go to the line again. There are 8 team fouls on ILL, just 5 on UW.
Joe hits the first... and the second. UW cuts it to 7 and the crowd is anxious.
Meachem misses a really quick shot and UW secures it.
Hughes gets blocked out of bounds with 0:02 on the shot clock.
Landry tries to dribble and shoot and he didn't have enough time... shot clock violation. Tough to have an empty possession and use all 35 seconds when you're trailing.
Illinois calls a 30 second TO.
Wisconsin 45
Illinois 52

5:11 left
Landry plays solid D on McCamey, but he still gets off a tough shot and hits.
Hughes then misses and McCamey gets a runout and is fouled. That was a tough couple seconds.
He hits one of two and ILL is up 10... 55-45
Taylor misses late in the shot clock and ILL rebounds. The crowd smells blood.
There is life in UW yet. Joe steals it from Tisdale and finds Landry for two. Timeout on the floor... the final TV timeout.
Wisconsin 47
Illinois 55

2:50 left
McCamey hits both FTs and ILL is back up 10. UW hurries up the floor... gotta go quick now.
J-Bo does... he drives and scores for his first points of the day.
ILL misses and UW rebounds... need a quick score. Under 2:00 now.
J-Bo can't get the 3-ball to fall.
ILL calls timeout. ILL 57, UW 49 with 1:33 left.
Krabbenhoft draws his fourth foul and Meacham will go to the line for ILL... he makes the pair and UW brings the ball back down.. Hughes hits a quick, deep 3-pointer cutting the lead back to seven. Bo calls a TO
Illinois 59, Wisconsin 52 with 1:17 left

UW steals it as ILL tries to break the press, Hughes launches a deep three again but this one wont fall
Machame goes back to the line and sinks them both from the charity line. UW needs to get a shot off here... Krabby sinks a 3-pointer and UW calls a TO. Its only a two possession game now...
61-55 Illinois with 52 seconds left
UW traps ILL and is called for a turnover! Great pressure by UW
J-Bo misses a jumper in the paint and ILL rebounds it.. UW had no choice but to foul quick. Brock goes to the line for ILL and only makes his first one.. UW brings it back down the court
Hughes misses, Taylor boards it and puts it back up for a quick two and Bo will call another TO. Its only a five point game now. ILL: 62, WISC: 57 with 26.6 seconds left
Frazier is forced to call a TO for ILL as UW is playing great pressure defense and wont let them inbound the ball
UW ties up ILL and its a jump ball.. ILL gets it back
ILL makes a deep inbounding pass intercepted by Landry. J-Bo misses a three pointer and ILL gets the ball back.. Krabby is forced to foul - thats his fifth so he will sit.
Tisdale makes both of his free throws leaving it at 64-57 Illinois with 7 seconds left
UW can't convert on its last posession ending the game... 64-57 Illinois is a final.
Thanks for following along everyone and have a good night

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