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Being Bucky is quite an adventure

Being Bucky is quite an adventure

Justin Doherty (Assistant AD for Communications)

A couple years ago we got a call here in the athletic department from a film maker in Chicago who said he wanted to make a movie about Bucky Badger.

We agreed to meet with him. I can remember myself and Josette Scheer, our spirit squad director, talking this over with John Fromstein, the UW alum who was looking to do the movie.

Seemed like a reasonable project. John said he’d need access to a few football and basketball games so, from my end, that was something we could accommodate. We got him credentials to games when he needed them, but this seemed to go on for years (even though I think it was really only two years). I remember thinking John must have not just hours, but days, worth of footage of Bucky.

Turns out I was right. I saw the finished product over the weekend and it’s pretty cool. The movie (titled “Being Bucky”), a documentary about the process of how UW students become Bucky and everything that goes with it, will be something Badger fans and alums will enjoy. It’s funny, poignant at times, and quite interesting.

The movie opened at the Wisconsin Film Festival this past weekend and it opens in Madison at Point Cinema on April 10. It also opens at Green Bay’s Bay Park Cinema on April 17.

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