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Swan survives

Swan survives

Brian Lucas (Assistant Director of Athletic Communications)

The third episode of “4th and Long” aired on Spike TV Monday Night. Former Badger Luke Swan was one of the three players called into the “Cut Room” at the end of the show but he ultimately was not let go. I’m not sure if he will be so lucky next week.

Watch the complete episode here

In the latest show, the players finally got to line up and play real football, 11-on-11 (according to Irvin, involving “elite” players from arena and college football). After two series, Luke finally got his chance. He ran a straight “go” route from about the 15-yard line going in and looked to have his man beat only to be interfered with as he dove for the ball. It looked like a positive play for him … until he got up limping.

He tried to make a go of it a couple plays later but he couldn’t run at full speed. On the sideline, Irvin asked him what happened and he basically said, “Son, if you’re hurt, you play through it. If you’re injured, you sit.” He sat.

Big Nate Newton came down to gather the three players to face the coaches and it was Luke and two d-backs. In the room, Irvin asked Luke, “Where’s your head at?” Luke responded that he was frustrated. Irvin asked how the injury happened and Luke said he wasn’t warm enough as he sat out the first two series. Irvin then jumped him for not being ready. Not sure why he asked the question if he was just going to jump the answer.

When it came down to it, one of the d-backs was cut. In his exit interview he made a comment like, “Luke didn’t even make it through the whole scrimmage and I’m the one that gets cut.” He also said, “They’ll be sorry when they see me playing on Sundays.”

Early in the show it looked great for Luke. Following a “Bull in the Ring” drill, all the players (minus Andrew Hawkins, who performed the best in the drill) had to run the stadium steps at the Cotton Bowl. About midway through, Luke took off from the pack and finished way out in front. Irvin complimented him on his ability and stamina and lambasted the other players for letting him get out ahead. At the end, as Irvin berated the others, they flashed the camera to Luke a couple times and he didn’t even look winded.

That caused a little tension as some of the other guys could be heard making references to Luke showing them up and “hot-dogging,” a rather ludicrous allegation if you know anything about Luke. It went so far as to cause two of the wide receivers (neither of them named Luke) to nearly come to blows. I really couldn’t figure out why.

The show started with the “Bull in the Ring” drill. I got a little suspicious when they didn’t show Luke at all. Then, they turned the tables and the DBs were in the ring and they didn’t even show Luke hitting any of them. Once it was over, though, they gave out the scores and Luke was listed so I know he competed.

At the end of the show, they showed the previews for next week. It didn’t look promising for #86 (Luke’s number on the show). He wasn’t in any of the action scenes and the last scene they showed looked like him warming up and letting out a yell in frustration. Guess we’ll have to tune in next Monday to find out.

My favorite to win right now is Hawkins. He’s an undersized wide receiver but he’s made a lot of plays and he seems to have a great personality.

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