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Volleyball Blog vs. Duke

Volleyball Blog vs. Duke

Diane Nordstrom (Associate Athletic Communications Director)

Please join the UW Athletic Communications staff as we coverall of the action from tonight's match between Wisconsin and Duke with the Gameday Blog. First serve is scheduled for 7 p.m. though that may get delayed depending upon the length of the South Dakota vs. Ohio match. Don't forget that the Blog is interactive so be sure to send in your comments and questions. The Blog will start at approximately 6:30 p.m.

For quick links to notes, video stream and live stats, visit our Game Day page. Tonight's match airs live on the radio on The Mic 92.1 (WXXM) or you can watch the Web cast on UWBadgers.com.


Volleyball vs. Duke(08/28/2009) 
6:31 Brian Mason:  Welcome to the first live Blog from the 2009 season. We're live from the UW Field House and can't wait to get started.
6:33 [Comment From Lady Di]
Are the Badgers excited to get started this season?
6:34 Kristyn Fons:  I saw the Badgers as they were coming back from their team meal earlier this evening and they were really excited. Kim Kuzma said she's been ready to play since last fall!
6:39 [Comment From DL]
Will they have the video stream fixed before the match tonight?
6:40 Kristyn Fons:  We are certainly hoping so. They are working on it.   If the stream is not fixed in 20 minutes, you can follow along on the blog or view the live stats on UWBadgers.com.
6:43 Kristyn Fons:  Some information about the Badgers as the enter the 2009-10 season...
  • UW is returning four starters plus their libero.
  • They last opened a season at home in 2007, when they won the InnTowner Invitational with a 3-0 mark.
  • After running a 6-2 offense in 2008, the Badgers return to a 5-1 offense in 2009.
  • Wisconsin is ranked fifth in the 2009 Big Ten Preseason Poll.
6:47 Kristyn Fons:  The Badgers and the Blue Devils face off for the first time tonight since 2003, when Wisconsin won 3-1 over Duke.
6:49 Kristyn Fons:  Duke is coming off a successful season where they finished with a 25-9 record and reached the second round of the NCAA Tournament. The team is returning five starters, though it lost the services of graduating seniors Sue Carls, Jourdan Norman and Aana Wherry, who led Duke to four straight NCAA tournaments.
6:50 Kristyn Fons:  It will be an exciting showdown to see who comes out on top tonight!
6:56 Kristyn Fons:  With just under five minutes until the start of UW's first   game this season, the team has taken the floor to practice and they are sporting new long-sleeved uniforms.
7:00 Kristyn Fons:  The buzzer has sounded and the teams are huddling to start the game.
7:05 Kristyn Fons:  Badger starters are:
  • Caity DuPont
  • Kirby Toon
  • Janelle Gabrielsen
  • Allison Wack
  • Mary Ording
  • Elle Ohlander
  • Kim Kuzma
7:07 Kristyn Fons:  Blue Devils starters:
  • Becci Burling
  • Amanda Robertson
  • Rachael Moss
  • Kellie Catanach
  • Sophia Dunworth
  • Claire Smaltzer
7:07 Kristyn Fons:  The Badgers have scored the first point, but Duke rebuttled and tied the game at 1-1.
7:08 Kristyn Fons:  The Badgers are up 3-1 after Duke hit the ball out of bounds.
7:09 Kristyn Fons:  Allison Wack with a big kill puts the Badgers up 6-1.
7:09 Kristyn Fons:  Quick timeout.
7:11 Kristyn Fons:  The video stream does not seem to be up yet, but 92.1 The Mic in Madison is airing the game live if you wish to listen in.
7:11 [Comment From Will]
Video is working fine for me (in Virginia)
7:12 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin up by eight with a block, putting the score at 10-2. Duke just took a timeout.
7:14 Kristyn Fons:  The Badgers increase their lead to 10 after earning a point on a game violation and a big kill deep in the Duke court.
7:15 Kristyn Fons:  Rachael Moss with a kill for Duke for her team's first score in a while.
7:17 Kristyn Fons:  Duke is climbing back into the game with a series of scores, settling the score at 12-7, though Wisconsin just claimed back the serve.
7:17 Kristyn Fons:  Duke tipped the ball over the net into open UW court to make it 14-8.
7:18 [Comment From Will]
Tell Audie that she is doing a very nice job.
7:18 Kristyn Fons:  Former Badger Audra Jeffers is on the air with The Mic tonight. Listen in at 92.1 in Madison!
7:19 Kristyn Fons:  A quick timeout. The score is at 14-11 Badgers.
7:20 Kristyn Fons:  Elle Ohlander just made a huge kill after the timeout to make it 15-11.
7:21 Kristyn Fons:  The score is now 16-13 with Ohlander serving.
7:22 Kristyn Fons:  Duke now serving, and the crowd is cheering!
7:22 Kristyn Fons:  The Badgers maintain their lead at 17-15 after Duke hit the ball out of bounds.
7:23 Kristyn Fons:  Smalzer serving for Duke, with Caity DuPont earning the point for Wisconsin. Score at 18-16 Badgers.
7:25 Kristyn Fons:  Badgers up by two 20-18.
7:25 Kristyn Fons:  Kirby toon with a HUGE kill on the very last inch of the Duke court. Wisconsin 21-18.
7:26 Kristyn Fons:  Elle Ohlander puts Wisconsin up 22-19.
7:27 Kristyn Fons:  A hard hit by Duke ricochets off a Wisconsin player to bring the score to 22-20, Badgers.
7:27 Kristyn Fons:  The score is tied at 22! Wisconsin timeout.
7:29 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin hits the ball out of bounds to put Duke up 23-22.
7:30 Kristyn Fons:  Caity DuPont ties the game up for Wisconsin with a hard hit over the net.
7:30 Kristyn Fons:  Duke wins the first set 25-23.
7:34 Kristyn Fons:  The second set is about to begin.
7:34 Kristyn Fons:  Duke's Amanda Robertson is serving.
7:35 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin gets out to a good start with the first point.
7:35 Kristyn Fons:  Duke tied it up at 1-1 and quickly scored another point to take the lead.
7:36 Kristyn Fons:  Duke now up by three with a block, making it 4-1, Blue Devils.
TwitterBadgerVBall:  Front row in the student section are former Badgers Jackie Simpson and Faye McCormack.
7:36 Kristyn Fons:  Kirby Toon with a big hit to get UW back in the game. 4-2, Duke.
7:37 Kristyn Fons:  Duke maintains the lead at 5-3. Dunworth serving for Duke.
7:38 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin scores another point to bring it within a point.
7:39 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin tied the game, but the Blue Devils regain the lead after a botched UW hit.
7:39 Kristyn Fons:  Elle Ohlander with the kill to tie the game at 6.
7:39 Kristyn Fons:  Blue Devils gain a two-point lead with a service ace. Score is 8-6.
7:40 Kristyn Fons:  Allison Wack with a big hit that rolled off a Duke player's fingertips for the UW point. Score tied at 8-8.
7:41 Kristyn Fons:  Duke with a kill to regain the lead at 9-8.
7:42 Kristyn Fons:  Caity DuPont gives Wisconsin another point to bring the score to 10-9, Duke.
7:42 Kristyn Fons:  Service out-of-bounds by Duke. Wisconsin point to make it 11-10 Duke.
7:43 Kristyn Fons:  Elle Ohlander tips the ball down over the net for a kill. 12-11 Duke.
7:44 Kristyn Fons:  Duke makes a big block for the point, making it 14-11, Duke.
7:44 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin gets a point off a Blue Devil double hit. 14-12, Duke.
7:46 Kristyn Fons:  Duke increases its lead to four. Score is 16-12, Blue Devils. Wisconsin takes a timeout.
7:47 Kristyn Fons:  Teams are back on the court after the break.
7:47 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin earns a point to make it 16-13, Duke.
7:48 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin making some great blocks at the net, though a botched hit gives Duke a point.
7:48 Kristyn Fons:  A Duke service out-of-bounds makes it 17-14, Blue Devils.
7:48 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin brings the score within two. 17-15, Duke.
7:50 Kristyn Fons:  Kirby Toon with a big hit sends the ball careening out of bounds off a Duke player for a Wisconsin point. Another Wisconsin point ties the game at 17-17.
7:50 Kristyn Fons:  Quick timeout.
7:51 Kristyn Fons:  Gabrielsen serving for Wisconsin. Duke earns the point on the play after a ball spins out of bounds. 18-17, Duke.
7:52 Kristyn Fons:  A Badger ball hit wide gives Duke a two-point lead.
7:52 Kristyn Fons:  Caity DuPont brings the score back within one point for the Badgers.
7:52 Kristyn Fons:  Score now 20-18, Duke.
7:53 Kristyn Fons:  Duke's Robertson hit the net on her serving, giving Wisconsin a point. 20-19, Duke.
7:53 Kristyn Fons:  Timeout Wisconsin.
7:53 Kristyn Fons:  Score at 21-19, Duke.
7:54 Kristyn Fons:  Bucky is doing his infamous headstand in front of the student section right now as the band plays Wisconsin's fight song.
7:54 Kristyn Fons:  The crowd is looking for a UW win!
7:55 Kristyn Fons:  Smalzer serves for Duke. Wisconsin earns the point to make it 21-20, Duke.
7:55 Kristyn Fons:  A Wisconsin service out-of-bounds brings the score to 22-20, Duke.
7:55 Kristyn Fons:  A Duke service out-of-bounds brings it back to one at 22-21, Duke.
7:56 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin ties the game   at 22!
7:57 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin keeps the game tied at 23.
7:57 Kristyn Fons:  And takes the lead 24-23! Timeout Blue Devils...this should make for an interesting finish to the second set!
7:58 Kristyn Fons:  The band and crowd cheer on the Badgers with "By the Light of the Moon." Everyone in the Field House is on their feet!
7:58 Kristyn Fons:  Set point Wisconsin.
7:59 Kristyn Fons:  Caity DuPont with a huge kill for the win!   Wisconin wins the second set.
7:59 Kristyn Fons:  Second set score is 25-23.
8:08 Kristyn Fons:  Moving on to the third set!
8:09 Kristyn Fons:  The teams are huddled on the court.
8:10 Kristyn Fons:  Kim Kuzma serving for UW.
8:10 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin up 2-0 to start the third set.
8:11 Kristyn Fons:  Duke's Gray with a kill to put Duke on the board. 2-1 UW.
8:11 Kristyn Fons:  Kirby Toon with the kill to make it 3-1 UW.
8:12 Kristyn Fons:  Duke ties it up at 3-3.
8:12 Kristyn Fons:  Duke takes the lead 4-3 with a service ace.
8:12 Kristyn Fons:  Allison Wack with a HUGE kill ties the game at 4-4.
8:13 Kristyn Fons:  Gabrielsen with the block to give UW the 5-4 lead.
8:13 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin up two 6-4.
8:13 Kristyn Fons:  Dunworth back to serve for Duke.
8:14 Kristyn Fons:  Blue Devils tie the game at 6-6.
8:14 Kristyn Fons:  Caity DuPont tips the ball over for a UW point. 7-6, Badgers.
8:15 Kristyn Fons:  Caity DuPont with the kill to make it 8-7, Badgers.
8:16 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin in the lead 9-8 after Duke serves the ball into the net.
8:16 Kristyn Fons:  A Wisconsin service out-of-bounds ties the score at 9.
8:17 Kristyn Fons:  Duke earns the lead 10-9 after a lot of back-and-forth play. Wisconsin quickly ties it at 10.
8:18 Kristyn Fons:  A strong hit by Duke gives the Blue Devils the lead again.
8:19 Kristyn Fons:  Duke up 13-11 now. Badgers battling to get back the lead.
8:19 Kristyn Fons:  Allison Wack serving for UW.
8:20 Kristyn Fons:  Gabrielsen with a great tip over the net for a Wisconsin point. 14-13, Duke.
8:20 Kristyn Fons:  Allison Wack with a big kill.
8:21 Kristyn Fons:  The net judge overruled the line judge to give Wisconsin the point. Score tied at 14.
8:21 Kristyn Fons:  There is some controversy on the court currently.
8:22 Kristyn Fons:  An illegal Wisconsin substitution resets the score at 15-13, Duke.
8:22 Kristyn Fons:  Duke earns a three-point lead off a botched UW hit. Wisconsin timeout.
8:24 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin earns a quick point after the break to make it 16-14, Duke.
8:25 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin brings the game within one point!
8:26 Kristyn Fons:  And ties the game at 17!
8:26 Kristyn Fons:  Kuzma with a great effort to save a hard hit from Duke. Wisconsin takes the lead 18-17.
TwitterBadgerVBall:  Match is tied at 1 set apiece. Badgers lead 18-17 in third set.
8:28 Kristyn Fons:  DuPont serving for Wisconsin. Wisconsin takes at two point lead.
8:28 Kristyn Fons:  Timeout Blue Devils. Score is 20-17.
8:28 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin leads.
8:30 Kristyn Fons:  Duke earns the point after the break. Score at 20-18, UW.
8:30 Kristyn Fons:  Duke within one point. 20-19, UW.
8:30 Kristyn Fons:  WIsconsin with the block to make it 21-19, Badgers.
8:31 Kristyn Fons:  Duke sneaks the ball past the Badger offense to make it 20-21.
8:31 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin leads 22-20.
8:32 Kristyn Fons:  Allison Wack with a huge block to make it 23-20, Wisconsin.
8:32 Kristyn Fons:  Allison Wack puts UW up 24-20. Set point Wisconsin!
8:32 Kristyn Fons:  The crowd is on their feet!
8:33 Kristyn Fons:  After intense back-and-forth play, Duke stays in the game with the point, making it 24-21, Wisconsin.
8:33 Kristyn Fons:  Timeout, UW.
8:34 [Comment From laurie]
how is Kirby Toon doing
8:34 [Comment From Will]
nice scoring run by Caity
8:34 [Comment From Will]
way to go A-Wack
8:35 Kristyn Fons:  A number of players have stepped up in this set for the Badgers. Toon is doing very well, Caity and Allison have certainly stepped up, and Kim Kuzma has been hustling a ton for the Badgers!
8:35 Kristyn Fons:  Wiscons in fighting for the win!
8:35 Kristyn Fons:  Duke earns another point. Score is 24-22, UW.
8:36 Kristyn Fons:  Another set point for Wisconsin.
8:36 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin wins the third set
8:36 Kristyn Fons:  25-22.
8:37 Kristyn Fons:  The last few plays of this set were extremely intense, as each team stepped up to fight for the win.
8:37 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin leads two sets to one over Duke.
8:39 Kristyn Fons:  The teams are huddling on the court to start the fourth set.
8:40 Kristyn Fons:  Kim Kuzma is getting the Badgers pumped for this set, high-fiving all her teammates.
8:40 Kristyn Fons:  Catanach to serve for the Blue Devils to start the set.
8:41 Kristyn Fons:  The teams seem to be adjusting to each other's play. Wisconsin finally earns the point on the first play.
8:41 Kristyn Fons:  Toon serving for the Badgers.
8:42 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin up 2-0 off a botched hit by Duke.
8:42 Kristyn Fons:  Duke on the board after UW's serve hit the net. 2-1, Badgers.
8:43 Kristyn Fons:  Duike takes the lead 3-2 after a wide hit by Kuzma.
8:43 Kristyn Fons:  Kirby Toon with a great kill deep in Duke territory. Game tied at 3.
8:45 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin ties the game 5-5 after a Duke ball hits the net.
8:46 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin took the lead 6-5, though Duke responded quickly, tying the game at 6 with a deep-court kill.
8:46 Kristyn Fons:  Duke earns a 8-6 lead with a solid block at the net.
8:47 Kristyn Fons:  Dunworth with a strong kill for a 9-6 Blue Devil lead.
8:47 Kristyn Fons:  Kirby Toon with the kill to make it 9-7.
8:48 Kristyn Fons:  Allison Wack with a hard hit to earn UW a point. 10-8, Duke.
8:49 Kristyn Fons:  Duke earns a point off a wide tip by UW. Score is at 12-8 Duke. Quick timeout.
8:50 Kristyn Fons:  Kriby Toon earns a quick point for Wisconsin after the break.
8:51 Kristyn Fons:  Allison Wack with a great kill to make it 13-10, Duke.
8:52 Kristyn Fons:  Caity DuPont beats two Duke players at the net for the kill. 14-11, Duke.
8:53 Kristyn Fons:  Duke ahead by five. Score is 16-11.
8:54 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin earns the point to make it 17-12, Duke.
8:55 Kristyn Fons:  Duke's Gray with a solid kill to give Duke a six-point lead.
8:56 Kristyn Fons:  The Blue Devils earn another point off a botched UW play. Score is at 20-13, Duke. Quick UW timeout.
8:57 Kristyn Fons:  Kim Kuzma serves for Wisconsin. Score at 20-14, Duke.
8:59 Kristyn Fons:  Duke extends their lead to 22-14 with a solid block at the net.
8:59 Kristyn Fons:  A communication error leads to another Duke point. 23-14.
9:00 Kristyn Fons:  Kirby Toon with a big kill to get UW back in play.
9:00 Kristyn Fons:  Score now 24-15. Set point Duke.
9:00 Kristyn Fons:  Duke wins the fourth set 25-15.
9:02 Kristyn Fons:  The ultimate hockey fan Phil is here cheering on the UW volleyball team! He has the whole Badger crowd shouting, "Go Red!"
9:03 Kristyn Fons:  UW is on the court ready for the fifth set.
9:03 [Comment From Berkley]
9:03 [Comment From Will]
We want more!
9:04 Kristyn Fons:  Duke serves to start the set.
9:04 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin earns the first point.
9:05 Kristyn Fons:  Duke ties it up with a strong hit, beating UW offense at the net.
9:05 Kristyn Fons:  Allison Wack puts UW up 2-1 with a great kill.
9:06 Kristyn Fons:  Duke with a big block to tie the score at 2.
9:07 Kristyn Fons:  Another block puts Duke up 3-2. Wisconsin hitters will have to readjust to beat Duke at the net.
9:07 Kristyn Fons:  Brittney Dolgner makes an appearance for the first time tongiht.
9:08 Kristyn Fons:  Game tied at 4.
9:08 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin takes the lead 5-4.
9:10 Kristyn Fons:  Score is at 7-6, Duke. This is certainly a heated set!
9:11 Kristyn Fons:  The teams are switching sides. Score is 8-6, Duke.
9:11 Kristyn Fons:  Wisconsin with a big hit. 8-7 Duke.
9:12 Kristyn Fons:  Duke's Smalzer with a big kill past Wisconsin offense. 9-7 Duke.
9:12 [Comment From CP]
9:13 Kristyn Fons:  Dolgner ties the game at 9 with a huge kill.
9:13 Kristyn Fons:  Duke takes the lead again with a strong hit to an opening in UW territory.
9:14 Kristyn Fons:  UW ties the game at 10.
9:14 Kristyn Fons:  Dolgner makes a huge save to keep the ball in play. UW earns the point to take the lead, 11-10.
9:15 Kristyn Fons:  Fans are on their feet, band is rocking -- the Badger crowd is looking for a UW win to start the season!
9:16 Kristyn Fons:  Game is tied at 11.
9:16 Kristyn Fons:  Duke takes the lead 12-11.
9:16 Kristyn Fons:  Timeout Wisconsin.
9:18 Kristyn Fons:  Allison Wack with a HUGE kill to tie the game 12-12. Kuzma serving.
9:19 Kristyn Fons:  Duke earns the 14-12 lead with a solid block at the net.
9:21 Kristyn Fons:  Duke wins the set 15-12, and the match with three set wins to UW's two.
9:21 [Comment From Will]
Packers up 7-0
9:22 Kristyn Fons:  Thanks for following along with me! Check back tomorrow to follow the rest of the InnTowner Invitational!


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