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Volleyball vs. Ohio

Volleyball vs. Ohio

Diane Nordstrom (Associate Athletic Communications Director)

Please join the Diane Nordstrom of the UW Athletic Communications staff as she covers all of the action from today's match between Wisconsin and Ohio with the Game Day Blog. First serve is set for 1 p.m. Don't forget that the Blog is interactive so be sure to send in your comments and questions. The Blog will start at approximately 12:30 p.m. 

Volleyball vs. Ohio(08/30/2009) 
12:29 Diane Nordstrom:  Welcome to the Wisconsin Field House where the Badger volleyball team (1-1) takes on Ohio University (2-0) for the championship of the InnTowner Invitational. The Bobcats haven't lost a set yet this season and are a senior-dominated team. Wisconsin came back from a 3-2 loss to Duke on Friday night to sweep South Dakota on Saturday night.
12:36 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers are currently being led by freshman Kirby Toon, who is averaging 3.62 kills per set. Senior Brittney Dolgner and junior Allison Wack both add 3.25 kills per set. Sophomore Janelle Gabrielsen is putting up 9.75 assists per set while junior Kim Kuzma is averaging 4.50 digs per set. Redshirt freshman Kelsey Maloney leads the team with a .538 hitting percentage and 1.00 blocks per set.
12:36 [Comment From Karen Hartnett]
What time will the Web cast start?
12:37 Diane Nordstrom:  The Web cast will start promptly at 1 p.m. (or when the starters are announced). We should be on time here in the Field House. It's a beautiful day in Madison so come on down for the match!
12:42 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio is led by senior Ellen Herman, who averages 4.17 kills per set. Herman, a 6-1 outside hitter, spent some time in June training with the U.S. National Team. The Bobcats have four seniors who start, including Herman. Madison native Jane Sytsma starts at middle blocker for Ohio.
12:46 Diane Nordstrom:  The band is playing but I haven't seen Bucky Badger yet today.
12:52 Diane Nordstrom:  As a team, Wisconsin is hitting .187 while opponents are hitting .150. The Badgers are averaging 13.12 kills per set while opponents average 9.62 kills per set. UW has cut down on its serving errors this year, recording only nine in two matches but they have only seven service aces, led by three from Janelle. Wisconsin has improved its back-court defense from last season as well, averaging 14.00 digs per set while opponents average only 10.00 digs per set. The Badgers are still struggling with their block, averaging only 1.56 blocks per set while opponents averaged 2.88 blocks per set.
TwitterBadgerVBall:  If you're following the match on Twitter make sure you check out the Blog on UWBadgers.com. Bloggers check out the Twitter feed.
1:00 Diane Nordstrom:  Only minutes away from the first serve. The kids are lining the court and time for the national anthem.
1:03 Diane Nordstrom:  Starting for Ohio are Meghan Simons, Sue Jacobi, Ellen Herman, Michelle Jantsch, Katie Post, Jane Sytsma and libero Sara Petrulis.
1:04 Diane Nordstrom:  Starters for Wisconsin are Kirby Toon, Janelle Gabrielsen, Brittney Dolgner, Kelsey Maloney, Allison Wack, Elle Ohlander and Kim Kuzma at libero.
1:06 Diane Nordstrom:  Janelle Gabrielsen will serve first for UW.
1:07 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohlander and Dolgner block the Bobcats on their first attack!
1:08 Diane Nordstrom:  Kirby gets the first kill. Tied at 2 in the first set.
1:08 Diane Nordstrom:  Another Badger block!
1:09 Diane Nordstrom:  Setter dump and Herman gets a kill for Ohio to tie the set at 4.
1:10 Diane Nordstrom:  Kirby tips a little long. Bobcats lead 6-5 in the first set.
1:11 Diane Nordstrom:  Great coverage by Wisconsin but Herman comes through with a big kill. Ohio up 7-6.
1:12 Diane Nordstrom:  Two service errors by Ohio. Bobcats lead 9-7.
1:13 Diane Nordstrom:  Herman with a big jump serve but great pass from Allison. Maloney gets her first kill and Ohio hits it out of bounds to tie the first set at 9.
1:13 Diane Nordstrom:  Block solo by Elle! She has four blocks already this set!
1:14 Diane Nordstrom:  What was I saying earlier about Wisconsin's block? I was wrong. Brittney just got a block solo as well. Wisconsin has five blocks this set.
1:14 Diane Nordstrom:  Nice back-row attack from Allison to put Wisconsin up 12-10.
1:16 Diane Nordstrom:  Way to use the tape Al!. Her kill puts UW up 13-12.
1:16 Diane Nordstrom:  Another kill for Allison. She has four kills on six attempts. Tied at 14 in the first set.
1:18 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio block to put the Bobcats up 16-15.
1:18 Diane Nordstrom:  Third service error by Ohio ties the set again at 16.
1:19 Diane Nordstrom:  Great dig by Kirby with a setter dump by Nellie to put Wisconsin up 18-16 in the first set!
1:20 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers have been doing a great job in passing the tough Ohio serves today. Keep it up Wisco!
1:21 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio's hitters have adjusted to the Badger block and are getting some big kills. Wisconsin needs to get outside on those attackers.
1:22 Diane Nordstrom:  Kim was lucky she missed that one! Badgers lead 21-18 in the first set.
1:22 Diane Nordstrom:  Timeout Ohio.
1:23 Diane Nordstrom:  Wisconsin leads 22-18 in the first set. I think the key to this set has been service errors - Ohio has four while Wisconsin has none. Also, the Badgers are really passing well.
1:25 Diane Nordstrom:  Another hitting error by Ohio. Wisconsin serves for set point!
1:26 Diane Nordstrom:  Kuzma sets Toon up for the set-winning kill! Badgers win the first set 25-19.
1:27 Diane Nordstrom:  Stats after the first set:
Wisconsin - 11 kills, 7 errors, 29 attempts (.138); Wack 4 kills, Toon 3 kills
Ohio - 12 kills, 10 errors, 36 attempts (.056); Herman 4 kills, Jacobi 3 kills
1:28 Diane Nordstrom:  Digs - Wisconsin 13 (Gabrielsen 4); Ohio 10 (Petrulis 5)
Blocks - Wisconsin 4 (Ohlander 3); Ohio 4 (Simons, Post 2)
Assists - Wisconsin 11 (Gabrielsen 9); Ohio 11 (Jantsch 10)
1:29 Diane Nordstrom:  Badgers will start the same seven - Dolgner, Wack, Toon, Gabrielsen, Ohlander, Maloney and Kuzma
Ohio starts - Simons, Jacobi, Post, Jantsch, Herman, Sytsma, Petrulis and Bender.
1:30 Diane Nordstrom:  Dolgner sneaks on through the block to put Wisconsin up 1-0 in the second set.
1:31 Diane Nordstrom:  First ace of the match as Raines aces Kuzma. Ohio up 3-1 in the second.
1:32 Diane Nordstrom:  Allison gets another kill but Ohio still leads 4-2.
1:32 Diane Nordstrom:  Brittney out of the back row for the kill. Wisconsin down by one.
1:33 Diane Nordstrom:  Nice connection between Nellie and Kelsey for the kill. Set 2 tied at 5-5.
1:34 Diane Nordstrom:  Another unforced hitting error by Ohio. The Bobcats are hitting only .070 for the match.
1:35 Diane Nordstrom:  Wack tools the block to put the Badgers up 8-6 in the second set.
1:36 Diane Nordstrom:  Badgers get called for a blocking error and Bobcats block Dolgner to tie the set at 9.
1:37 Diane Nordstrom:  Wack out of the back row again! She has seven kills for the match to lead all hitters.
1:38 Diane Nordstrom:  Another tight set. The first set was tied 10 times while this set has already been tied seven times!
1:39 Diane Nordstrom:  Raines' serve hits the net and fall in for an ace. Ohio up 13-12.
1:39 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohlander and Gabrielsen connect for a kill. Another tie!
1:40 Diane Nordstrom:  A Toon kill evens the set at 14-14.
1:41 Diane Nordstrom:  Kelsey taps down the overpass to put UW up 16-15 in the second set.
1:43 Diane Nordstrom:  The Bobcat hitters seemed to have found their rhythm this set. They are hitting .450 for the period while Wisconsin is at .261.
1:43 Diane Nordstrom:  Timeout Wisconsin with Ohio up 18-16.
1:44 Diane Nordstrom:  Another ace by Ohio. That's their third of the set and match.
1:45 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio's eighth service error of the match. Bobcats lead 21-18.
1:47 Diane Nordstrom:  Herman connects after a long volley to put Ohio up 22-18. The Badgers are struggling with Ohio's block this set and haven't had a block this period.
1:48 Diane Nordstrom:  Herman with another big kill. She is getting a lot of one-on-ones against Kirby. Ohio up 23-20.
1:49 Diane Nordstrom:  Set point for Ohio.
1:49 Diane Nordstrom:  Jantsch serves into the net.
1:50 Diane Nordstrom:  Allison gets block. Ohio wins the second set 25-21.
1:51 Diane Nordstrom:  Stats after the second set:
Wisconsin - 22 kills, 12 errors, 58 attempts (.172); Wack - 8 kills; Toon - 5 kills
Ohio - 29 kills, 14 errors, 67 attempts (.224); Herman - 10 kills; Sytsma - 7 kills
1:53 Diane Nordstrom:  Digs - Wisconsin 22 (Kuzma 7, Gabrielsen 6); Ohio 20 (Petrulis 8)
Blocks - Wisconsin 4 (Ohlander 3); Ohio 7 (Simons, Post 4)
Assists - Wisconsin 21 (Gabrielsen 17); Ohio 27 (Jantsch 26)
1:54 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio hit .419 (17-4-31) in the second set while Wisconsin hit only .207 (11-5-29)
The Bobcats also had 3 service aces in the win.
2:03 Diane Nordstrom:  Great defensive volley by the Badgers! Wisconsin up 4-2 in the third set.
2:04 [Comment From Pat S]
How convincing was Ohio's win over Duke?
2:05 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio won 29-27, 25-19, 25-22. The Blue Devils really struggled with their serve receive. The Bobcats have some great jump servers.
2:06 Diane Nordstrom:  Elle and Nellie connect again in the middle while Kelsey and Kirby get a block to put Wisconsin up 8-6 in the third set.
2:06 [Comment From joey q.]
what are the national rankings of UW, Ohio and Duke?
2:07 Diane Nordstrom:  All are in the receiving votes category of the coaches preseason poll. Duke earned 53 points, Wisconsin 43 points and Ohio 20 points.
2:07 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio has come back to tie the set at 9-9. Wisconsin has had two service errors this set.
2:08 Diane Nordstrom:  Dolgner slams one out of the back row to make it 12-10 Ohio in the third.
2:10 Diane Nordstrom:  Allison gets her 10th kill of the match. Wisconsin still trails by three (14-11).
2:11 Diane Nordstrom:  Dolgner gets the tip to fall for a kill. Ohio leads 15-13.
2:13 Diane Nordstrom:  Two straight hitting errors by the Badgers have put Ohio up 18-14, its biggest lead of the set.
2:16 Diane Nordstrom:  Herman connects out of the back row after the longest volley of the match. Ohio leads 20-15 in the third set. Timout Wisconsin.
2:19 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers look a little frustrated right now. The need a stop here. Ohio leads 23-15.
2:20 Diane Nordstrom:  A kill from Allison and a bad set by the Bobcats make it Ohio 23, UW 18.
2:21 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers rally behind the play of Allison Wack. She's had two kills in the last three plays. Wisconsin trails 23-19 in the third set.
2:22 Diane Nordstrom:  Who's in the crowd today? Athletic director Barry Alvarez and women's basketball coach Lisa Stone are here cheering on the volleyball Badgers.
2:22 Diane Nordstrom:  Herman hits it out of bounds. Wisconsin within three.
2:22 Diane Nordstrom:  Make that two as Ohio hits another one out of bounds. Timeout Ohio.
2:24 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio finally gets a kill to serve for set point.
2:24 Diane Nordstrom:  Another kill for Allison - her 13th of the match.
2:24 Diane Nordstrom:  Nellie blocks Herman on their set point. Ohio leads 24-23.
2:25 Diane Nordstrom:  Just a little long! Tied at 24!
2:25 Diane Nordstrom:  Nice tip by the Bobcats. Another set point for Ohio at 25-24.
2:26 Diane Nordstrom:  Brittney ties it again at 25! Kelsey back to serve.
2:26 Diane Nordstrom:  Another set point for Ohio.
2:27 Diane Nordstrom:  Another kill for Dolgner and another tie at 26.
2:27 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio keeps going to Herman. Another set point for Ohio. 27-26.
2:28 Diane Nordstrom:  Herman serves into the net. Tied at 27 with Dolgner serving!
2:28 Diane Nordstrom:  Another kill for Ohio and another set point. 28-27.
2:28 Diane Nordstrom:  Allison hits it just a little long and Ohio wins 29-27 in the third set.
2:29 Diane Nordstrom:  Stats after three sets:
Wisconsin - 37 kills, 17 errors, 97 attempts (.206); Wack - 13 kills; Dolgner   - 8 kills
Ohio - 48 kills, 21 errors, 113 attempts (.239); Herman - 17 kills; Sytsma - 10 kills
2:31 Diane Nordstrom:  Digs - Wisconsin 41 (Kuzma - 12; Gabrielsen - 11); Ohio 37 (Petrulis - 17)
Blocks - Wisconsin 6.0 (Ohlander - 3); Ohio 7.0 (Post, Simons - 4)
Assists - Wisconsin 36 (Gabrielsen - 30); Ohio   44 (Jantsch - 42)
Service Aces - Wisconsin 0; Ohio 4
2:31 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio will serve to start the fourth set.
2:32 Diane Nordstrom:  Matching service errors by both teams to start the set.
2:33 Diane Nordstrom:  Kuzma has really improved from last season - she seems to be everywhere in the backcourt.
2:34 Diane Nordstrom:  Kirby tools the block out of bounds to put Badgers up 4-2 in the fourth.
2:36 Diane Nordstrom:  Not exactly pretty but Maloney scores another kill. Maloney and Gabrielsen get the block. Wisconsin up 6-3 in the fourth.
2:36 Diane Nordstrom:  It's the Kelsey Maloney show. She's had two kills and teamed with Nellie on a block to score the last three points for the Badgers. Wisconsin leads 7-3 and Ohio calls a timeout.
2:38 [Comment From joey q.]
looks like another barn burner in the ole barn
2:39 Diane Nordstrom:  Nice alliteration there Joey! It's really been a great match. I think the Badgers have improved tremendously from Friday night.
2:39 [Comment From Guest]
Is Bucky in Da Haus?
2:40 Diane Nordstrom:  I don't see him right now but he was here early, doing his headstands. I tried to knock him over but it didn't work. I think he got a little mad at me!
2:40 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers seem to have improved on their block this set. While they haven't had too many, they are touching a lot more attacks. Wisconsin leads 11-7 in the fourth.
2:42 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio is on a 4-0 run. Wisconsin leads 12-11.
2:43 Diane Nordstrom:  Another service error from Ohio. The Bobcats have 18 service errors while the Badgers have only four.
2:43 [Comment From joey q.]
any idea on pre-season predictions for the big 10?
2:43 Diane Nordstrom:  The coaches have picked Penn State to win again. Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and Purdue in that order for the top six.
2:44 Diane Nordstrom:  In case you missed it. Michigan upset No. 3 Nebraska, 3-0, on Friday night in Omaha. The first time since 1989 that the Huskers have lost in their home state.
2:45 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio has picked up its play. The Bobcats now lead 16-15.
2:45 [Comment From joey q.]
is captain cook still their coach?
2:45 Diane Nordstrom:  Yes, John is still their coach. It's been 11 years that he's been gone!
2:47 Diane Nordstrom:  Time out Wisconsin. Ohio leads 19-16 in the fourth.
2:47 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers have had some stretches of really good play today but still make mental errors at crucial times. I will say the errors are down from last season.
2:48 Diane Nordstrom:  Kirby gets a kill. Wisconsin trails by two.
2:48 Diane Nordstrom:  Ohio has a pretty active setter and she just scored on the second ball. Ohio leads 20-17.
2:49 Diane Nordstrom:  Another hitting error by the Bobcats. Badgers down by two (20-18).
2:49 Diane Nordstrom:  Herman blocked by Toon and Maloney. Trail only by one!
2:50 Diane Nordstrom:  Quick set in the middle by Ohio. Back up to two for Ohio 21-19.
2:50 Diane Nordstrom:  Timeout Badgers
2:51 Diane Nordstrom:  Right now in the front row, the Badgers have Toon, Maloney and Wack. Dolgner is center back so lots of offensive options for UW.
2:51 Diane Nordstrom:  Nice back set by Nellie to Toon. Wisconsin trails 21-20.
2:52 Diane Nordstrom:  Have to go do the all-tournament team. Follow the rest of the match via live stats. Sorry!
3:12 Diane Nordstrom:  Badgers fall in four to Ohio. Nellie was named all-tournament. Thanks for participating.


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