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Volleyball vs. CSU Fullerton

Volleyball vs. CSU Fullerton

Diane Nordstrom (Associate Athletic Communications Director)

Please join Diane Nordstrom of the Wisconsin Athletic Communications staff as she chronicles all of the action from today's match between the Badgers (2-2) and Cal State Fullerton (4-0) at the Oregon State/Active Ankle Challenge. Don't forget that the Blog is interactive so be sure to send in your comments or questions. The live Blog will start at 11:30 a.m. CT.

You can follow today's match via live stats on Gametracker. 

Volleyball vs. CSU Fullerton(09/06/2009) 
11:32 Betsy Golomski:  Welcome back to Gill Coliseum on the campus of Oregon State University. The Badgers play their second match of the Active Ankle Challenge, taking on Cal State Fullerton this morning at 10 a.m. PT.
11:35 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers rallied from a 23-17 deficit in set three yesterday to down Seattle University 3-1 in the the first round. Senior Brittney Dolgner played only two sets, leading the team with 12 kills and 12 digs.
11:39 Diane Nordstrom:  Wisconsin improved to 2-2 on the season with the win over Seattle last night. The Badgers struggled at times vs. the Redhawks, especially with passing and blocking. UW also had 12 service errors vs. Seattle.  
11:42 Diane Nordstrom:  CSU Fullerton is 4-0 on the season, returning five starters plus its libero from last year's 17-15 team. The Titans have a balanced offense with three players averaging nearly 3.0 kills per set. Junior middle blocker Erin Saddler leads the team with 5.42 kills per game while sophoore Torrie Brown adds 3.18 kills per set. Senior middle blocker Alex Wolnisty adds 2.83 kills per set.
11:46 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers had an early morning today, up for breakfast at 7:30 a.m. and heading to the gym by 8:30 a.m. The team actually had to drive to the gym today because of the frequent rain showers. Welcome to the Northwest!
11:46 Diane Nordstrom:  Here is the team in the hotel lobby this morning.
11:50 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers and Titans have met only once, last year at the UNLV Classic. Wisconsin won 3-0 (25-16, 25-21, 25-22) in the final round of the tournament.
11:53 Diane Nordstrom:  Don't forget that you can follow the match today on Gametracker. The link is on the volleyball schedule page of www.osubeavers.com.

11:55 Diane Nordstrom:  It's a lot cooler today here in Corvallis, still very humid but much cooler -probably only in the high 60s. Hopefully, that will make it much better for playing.
11:58 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers are wearing their long-sleeved red jerseys today while the Titans are in sleeveless white.
11:58 Diane Nordstrom:  Time for the starting lineups!
12:00 Diane Nordstrom:  Wisconsin will start Kirby Toon, Janelle Gabrielsen, Brittney Dolgner, Kelsey Maloney, Allison Wack, Elle Ohlander and Kim Kuzma.
12:02 Diane Nordstrom:  Fullerton starts Andrea Ragan, Stephanie Sommer, Kayla Neto, Alex Wolnisty, Ashley Collier, Erin Saddler and Cami Croteau.
12:02 Diane Nordstrom:  Wisconsin will serve first with Nellie on the line.
12:03 Diane Nordstrom:  She gets an ace!
12:03 Diane Nordstrom:  Great serving by Nellie to start. Badgers are up 3-0.
12:06 Diane Nordstrom:  Fullerton has come back to tie the set at 4-4.
12:08 Diane Nordstrom:  Elle gets a kill to end a 5-0 run by the Titans. Fullerton leads 6-5.
12:08 Diane Nordstrom:  Block by Kelsey and Kirby. Tied at 7.
12:10 Diane Nordstrom:  Two UW hitting errors have tied the set at 9-9.
12:12 Diane Nordstrom:  Nellie is a lot more active in the front row. She scores on the dump. Wisconsin leads 12-10.
12:13 Diane Nordstrom:  No touch called on the UW block so Badgers lead 14-10 in the first set. The Badgers are on a 5-0 run.
12:16 Diane Nordstrom:  Kill by Saddler ends a 7-0 run by UW. Wisconsin leads 16-11.
12:17 Diane Nordstrom:  Nice tip by Britt puts UW up 18-13 in the first.
12:20 Diane Nordstrom:  Bad call on a block touch against U/W. It wasn't even close by the line judge calls on touch on the Badgers. Fullerton is on a 3-0 run to make it Badgers up 18-16.
12:21 Diane Nordstrom:  Another nice tip by Britt ends the Titan run. UW up 19-16.
12:22 Diane Nordstrom:  Wisconsin is serving much tougher today. Elle taps down the overpass. UW leads 20-16.
12:22 Diane Nordstrom:  Fullerton calls its second timeout. Wisconsin leads 21-16 and is on a 3-0 run.
12:25 Diane Nordstrom:  Caity checks in for Kirby on the right side.
12:26 Diane Nordstrom:  Wisconsin calls its second timeout as Fullerton has scored the last four points. Badgers lead 21-20.
12:27 Diane Nordstrom:  An Al Wack kill puts the UW up 22-21 in the first.
12:28 Diane Nordstrom:  Kirby checks back in on the right.
12:29 Diane Nordstrom:  Kirby gets a kill to tie the set at 23-23.
12:29 Diane Nordstrom:  Set point for the Titans.
12:30 Diane Nordstrom:  Fullerton wins the first set 25-23. The Titans outscored the Badgers 9-2 after Wisconsin led 21-16.
12:32 [Comment From Badger fan]
What happened? How did they get the run? Kills, Badger errors, what?
12:33 Diane Nordstrom:  CSUF had six kills for the run, including three from Sadler. Wisconsin did not pass as well as it had earlier in the set.
12:33 Diane Nordstrom:  Wisconsin starts the same in the second set.
12:35 Diane Nordstrom:  Britt gets the ace - the second of the match for the UW. Badgers up 2-1in the second.
12:37 Diane Nordstrom:  Kelsey gets the block solo in the middle. The fourth block for the UW this match. Wisconsin leads 5-3 in the second.
12:40 Diane Nordstrom:  CSU had two straight errors to put Wisconsin up 9-6 but they have scored two straight including a service ace to make it 9-8 Badgers.
12:41 Diane Nordstrom:  The Titans get their first block of this set and seventh of the match. Wisconsin leads 10-9.
12:43 Diane Nordstrom:  The Titans have scored four straight - two on blocks - to pull ahead 12-10 in the second set.
12:44 Diane Nordstrom:  Britt ends the rally with a tip. UW trails 11-12.
12:45 Diane Nordstrom:  Another CSU Fullerton block puts the Titans up 14-11. CSU has three blocks this set and nine for the match. Wisconsin has only one block this set and four for the match.
12:45 [Comment From Ann]
How many sets did the CSU match go last night?
12:46 Diane Nordstrom:  CSU did not play last night. The Badgers had to play Seattle last night due to our initial flight being cancelled. This is the Titans first match of the tourney.
12:48 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers definitely look flat right now. Caity checks in for Al on the left side. Fullerton leads 17-12 in the second set after winning the first 25-23.
12:50 Diane Nordstrom:  Wisconsin calls its second time out of the set. The Badgers trail 19-12 in the second set. The Titans have really dominated the net this set - both in their blocking and kills. They have eight kills and five blocks.
12:50 Diane Nordstrom:  Alexis checks in for Kelsey in the middle.
12:50 Diane Nordstrom:  Alexis gets a kill on her first attempt. Fullerton leads 19-13.
12:52 Diane Nordstrom:  The Titans win a long volley to take a 21-13 lead.
12:53 Diane Nordstrom:  Another block for CSU. They lead 23-13.
12:54 Diane Nordstrom:  Set point for CSU Fullerton
12:55 Diane Nordstrom:  Fullerton gets another kill to win the second set 25-16. Fullerton leads the match 2-0 after winning first set 25-23.
12:57 Diane Nordstrom:  Stats after two sets:
Wisconsin - 23 kills, 19 errors, 89 attempts (.045); Dolgner and Wack, 6 kills
CSU Fullerton - 26 kills, 10 errors, 73 attempts (.219); Saddler - 11 kills; Neto - 7 kills
Assists - Wisconsin 17 (Gabrielsen 14); CSU 25 (Ragan 23)
Digs - Wisconsin 35 (Kuzma 11); CSU 44 (Croteau 15)
Blocks - Wisconsin 4 (Maloney 3); CSU 13 (Neto 6)
12:58 [Comment From Billy Madison]
We're getting out blocked 4-1. What is the problem?
12:59 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers aren't passing very well so we don't have a lot of options on offense. CSU is really getting their block set up well and are primarily getting two blockers up on our attacks. They have only one block solo in their 13 team blocks.
1:05 Diane Nordstrom:  Starters for the third set are Mitchell, DuPont, Toon, Gabrielsen, Dolgner, Ohlander and Kuzma.
1:08 Diane Nordstrom:  Kirby gets the service ace! Badgers lead 4-1.
1:09 Diane Nordstrom:  The Badgers are playing with a lot more fire this set. Wisconsin leads 5-3.
1:10 Diane Nordstrom:  Coaches are calling for the team to be aggressive - on offense and defense.
1:11 Diane Nordstrom:  Two straight kills from Britt put UW up 8-5 in the third after losing the first two sets.
1:13 Diane Nordstrom:  Two straight service aces by Edmonds have tied the set at 8-8.
1:13 Diane Nordstrom:  Dupes gets a block solo to put UW up 10-8.
1:14 Diane Nordstrom:  Make that 11-8 on a service ace from Britt.
1:18 Diane Nordstrom:  A DuPont kill ends a 4-0 run by Fullerton. Wisconsin leads 14-13.
1:18 Diane Nordstrom:  Sally checks in in the back row for Dupes.
1:19 Diane Nordstrom:  The luck seems to be all on Fullerton's side. A service hits the net and falls in for an ace. Fullerton leads 17-15.
1:23 Diane Nordstrom:  Fullerton seems to be winning all of the long rallies. The Titans lead 20-17 in the third set after winning the first two sets. Timeout Wisconsin.
1:23 [Comment From zach barnes]
diane, is csf improved from last year when the badgers played them in vegas?
1:24 Diane Nordstrom:  CSU is much improved from last year. They returned five starters plus their libero from last season. They start two seniors and two juniors and also have a very good transfer.
1:26 Diane Nordstrom:  The Titans are very good on defense. They are picking up almost everything the Badgers throw at them. CSU leads 21-19 in the third set.
1:27 Diane Nordstrom:  Some unforced hitting errors have hurt the Badgers the last few points. The Titans lead 22-20.
1:27 Diane Nordstrom:  Timeout CSU.
1:28 Diane Nordstrom:  Badgers trail 22-21 in the third set after losing the first two sets. Kirby will be serving for the UW.
1:29 Diane Nordstrom:  Caity ties the set at 22-22 with a nice kill off the block.
1:30 Diane Nordstrom:  Saddler gets another kill to make it Titans 23, Badgers 22.
1:30 Diane Nordstrom:  Match point CSU.
1:30 Diane Nordstrom:  Timeout Wisconsin.
1:31 Diane Nordstrom:  The Titans had another block to serve for match point - their 16th of the match.
1:32 Diane Nordstrom:  Service ace for the Titans. They win the match 25-23, 25-16, 25-22.
1:34 Diane Nordstrom:  Fullerton started a little slow this match but they really got fired up during the match. The Badgers definitely looked flat at times and struggled against the Titan block and with their passing.
1:34 Diane Nordstrom:  Thanks everyone for participating. Tune in tonight at 7 p.m. PT for the Badgers vs. Oregon State.


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