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Badgers Arrive in Austin

Badgers Arrive in Austin

Brian Lucas (Assistant Director of Athletic Communications)

A little squirrely getting out of Madison this morning. When I left my house at 7:30 a.m. it was a little cloudy. By the time I reached the airport at 8:05 a.m. it looked like a blizzard was upon us. We all braved the icy track out to the plane, which was only about 200 feet but caused a number of bobbles and near falls.
Due to the weather, we had some delays once we finally made it to the plane, some de-icing that caused a 30-minute delay at take-off. Once in the air, the first 15 minutes were a little rough. The bumps probably had something to do with the Winter Weather Advisory in effect for the greater Madison area. So far, it’s been smooth sailing since breaking through the clouds.

Everything’s been smooth but my feet are absolutely freezing. I may have to have one amputated when we get to Austin. In-flight entertainment right now consists of Hitch, the Will Smith movie. These wireless headphones leave a little to be desired, cutting in and out a little, but I’m getting the jist. Since I’m sitting the second row, I don’t have a huge frame of reference but out of Marcus, Trevon, Joe and Mo (all sitting in the front row), only Marcus is watching as well. Mo and Pop are catching up on some sleep, Joe watching his own movie on his laptop.

We got a little snack up here, a ham, egg and cheese croissant and I think we get fed when we land. For us support folks that don’t interrupt these trips with practice or games, they seem to be filled with planes, meals, busses and hotels. We’ve got some time after lunch and before practice so hopefully I’ll be able to take advantage of the Austin weather and get outside for some exercise. I’ll try and post this during practice, along with some photos. It’s a relatively quick trip, probably in Austin for only about 24 hours, so I’ll try to rapid-fire the posts.

We touched down around 11:45 a.m., making the flight almost exactly three hours.  We got to the hotel around 12:30 and were eating lunch (salad, chicken noodle soup, French fries, chicken fingers, steak and chicken tacos, sliced roast beef). With practice not starting until 4 p.m., I decided to take a walk and found a willing partner in Lee Dicklitch, our men’s basketball event manager. As you can see from the photos below, we toured Austin, hitting 6th Street (their equivalent to State Street), the State Capital and then campus. We learned that there was a rabies scare a couple months ago, according to the sign posted outside the Austin Convention Center (which is hosting an NBDL game tonight, Austin vs. Tulsa). We also ran into Gary Close buying some hats at a local hat store. They didn’t look like the ones in the photo below but they were pretty nice.

On campus, we first walked around the football stadium, which is undergoing some renovations. Then we met up with the team around 3:45 as they entered the Erwin Center for practice. Lee also took a tour of the basketball facilities. I’ll check back in after practice with another update.

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