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Wisconsin at Northwestern Courtside Blog

Wisconsin at Northwestern Courtside Blog

Brian Lucas (Assistant Director of Athletic Communications)

1:42 p.m. - Checking in from Welsh-Ryan Arena. Looks like there will be quite a few Wisconsin fans in the house. We're about 25 minutes before tip off and there are definitely more UW fans than Northwestern fans in here. I also just got word that the NU band will not be here because they are at a Wheel of Fortune taping in downtown Chicago.

1:52 p.m. - Northwestern is doing its Senior Day activities today. Jason Okrzesik, Jean-Marc Melchoir and Tonjua Jones will be honored. The Wisconsin folks are being nice and offering some applause.

Hydration expert Gregory Orwin is making his first road trip of the season with the Badgers today. He is the person on the bench that helps athletic trainer Henry Perez-Guerra during practices and home games with filling the water bottles and getting the guys water when they come to the bench.

2:06 p.m. - The pictures below are from last night's practice. We bussed down yesterday, leaving the Kohl Center at around 2 p.m. We hit some traffic around Milwaukee and took some evasive action to avoid it then got down to our hotel in Skokie around 5 p.m. We practiced from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Welsh-Ryan, then had dinner, then bed time. 8:30 a.m. wake-up call this morning, followed by scouting report at 9 a.m. and breakfast at 10. Now we're about 30 seconds before tip off.

2:09 p.m. - My seat is literally right next to the bench, great TV seat. Marcus wins the tip. Northwestern causes the early TO with its 1-3-1 trap. J-Bo immediately in for Trevon. He drills a three on his first offensive trip. Then forces a travel on call on Moore. UW breaks the press and Joe is fouled going to the hoop. He makes one. NU misses down low then J-Bo misses a three, Joe rebounds, misses a tough one but Brian taps in the miss. Thompson hits a three to get NU on the board. Sloppy play by UW somehow ends with Brian getting fouled down low. He makes one.

2:14 p.m. - Coble scores off an inbounds play but Joe answers with a jumper. NU misses a three and nice passing from Joe to Marcus to Brian results in Brian getting hammered as he goes for the bunny. He'll shoot two after the TV timeout. UW leads 9-5 with 15:38 left.

2:18 p.m. - Tim Jarmusz making his first appearance, replacing Marcus. Brian makes both. NU misses down low and Joe rebounds. UW turns it over on a backcourt violation. Coble misses and Brian boards. He misses a long three. NU misses a runner but Brian misses down low. Moore drives in for a lay-up and Bo calls TO. UW leads 11-7 with 13:45 left.

2:23 p.m. - J-Bo three hits every part of the rim but bounces out. Baran hits a stumbling lay-up. UW iwth a couple good looks but can't get any to fall. J-Bo flies in for the offensive board but gets called for over the back. UW knocks the ball out of bounds on NU's possession, bringing us to the TV timeout. UW leads 11-9 with 11:58 left.

2:24 p.m. - It's always a weird feeling down here because the louder our fans get, the louder the Northwestern students get and vice versa. So there is pretty much constant noise, especially when it's a tight game.

2:31 p.m. - Moore called for a travel on the out of bounds play but UW turns it right back over. Coble misses  as the shot clock runs down. Joe misses a jumper but UW rebounds and works it down low to Marcus for two. After a UW miss, Joe finds J-Bo for an easy lay-up. NU called for an offensive foul posting up. UW turns it over. Someone's mouthpiece was on the ground so a slight delay. Coble goes backdoor for two. UW then turns it over and NU gets a run-out layup. UW then called for a travel. Coble tries to go baseline but steps on the line. To say it's intense in here would be an understatement. TV timeout with UW leading 15-13 with 7:56 left.

2:39 p.m. - The Badgers have had some good looks but other than one J-Bo three and a long jumper by Joe I can't remember any long shots falling. J-Bo misses a three but NU called for a foul on the rebound. J-Bo misses a tunner but Marcus puts in the rebound. Coble answers down low. Brian fights through a double team and banks in a jumper. Moore splashes a three. Brian finds Joe down low and he and Marcus miss a couple bunnies but Joe eventually puts it in. Thompson with another backdoor bucket but J-Bo drives baseline and feeds Brian for a dunk. That gets both crowds going. Michael drives and is called for a charge. NO ONE in red thought that was a charge. The NU guy didn't even hit the ground. Marcus fouled posting up and Moore has an extra bump for Brian after the play. UW ball out of bounds after the TV timout, leading 23-20 with 3:47 left.

2:48 p.m. - These games are ALWAYS intense and this one's no different. Every foul call is being disputed by both teams. Brian called for a foul posting up. NU misses and J-Bo misses a transition three. NU misses but Moore throws the ball out of bounds off J-Bo. NU called for the offensive foul. NU has backed off the pressure. J-Bo drives in for the lefty lay-in. Marcus with a block down low. Nice passing results in Brian getting a lay-in and one. He misses the FT. NU misses a three and UW will play for one. J-Bo hits a running lay-up as the buzzer sounds. At half, UW leads 29-20.

3:03 p.m. - I've added some pics, including a couple Badger FB players at the game (Strickland, DeBauche, Standring, Johnson). Plus you can tell how the crowd is split. At half, Brian and J-Bo have 20 of our 29 points. We're outrebounding them 21-9.

3:11 p.m. - Coble scores down low to open the half. Hughes answers off the glass as the shot clock is winding down. Coble misses a three and Brian boards. Michael drives in and gets fouled. He makes one. Marcus blocks Coble down low. Brian misses a three, Mike with a steal but misses down low. The teams exchange misses. Coble drills a three. Mike finds Joe down low for an easy one. Coble with a runner. Marcus misses down low. NU misses and Butch rebounds. He gets hammered then gets up quick. Frenzied possession. Brian has to LAUNCH a three from about 35 as the shot clock is winding down. He misses but Pop rebounds. It works to Joe who finds Brian cutting to the hoop. He lays it in and gets fouled. He'll shoot one after the TV timeout. UW leads 36-27 with 15:26 left.

3:17 p.m. - Coble and Butch both have 13. Brian makes his FT. Joe called for a foul on Coble posting up. NU misses but Baran rebounds and gets fouled, NU's first FTs of the game. He makes both. Marcus misses down low but NU knocks the rebound out of bounds. Marcus knocks down a three. Mike steals an NU inbounds pass. Joe with a nice pass down low for an easy bucket by Marcus. Pop then draws on offensive foul on NU as they try to inbound (it was actually Marcus, I was blocked o nthe play and just saw Trevon clapping). NU calls TO. UW leads 42-29 with 13:37 left. LOUD "Let's Go Badgers!" chant.

3:24 p.m. - Marcus hits another three after Pop drives and draws. NU misses but Joe called for a travel. Joe with a steal on the other end and gets fouled bringing the ball up. Mike then fouled going to the hoop. Mike misses both but taps the rebound out to Pop. Tim launches a three and the ball gets stuck between the rim and backboard. Jump ball will be UW's after the TV timeout. UW leads 45-29 with 11:53 left.

3:31 p.m. - Butch has 14 points and 12 rebounds thus far. UW turns it over then NU returns the favor. Mike fouled on the dribble and will shoot one-and-one. He makes both. Trevon called for a reach. Coble scores down low off the inbounds. Michael splashes a three and the lead is 19. Thompson drives in for a lay-up and he's fouled. He misses the FT.

3:33 p.m. - Pop misses a three and Moore hits one for NU. J-Bo fouled on the drive. He'll shoot one-and-one. He makes both to tie the school record for consecutive FTs made with 35. NU misses and he rebounds but gets trapped in the backcourt and calls TO. UW leads 52-36 with 8:31 left.

3:35 p.m. - UW turns it over. Moore goes backdoor for a lay-up and he's fouled. He'll shoot one after the TV timeout. UW leads 52-38 with 7:48 left.

3:46 p.m. - Three guys in double figures for Bucky. Brian has 14, Marcus has 12 and J-Bo has 11. J-Bo breaks the press and gets it to Brian for a lay-in. Michael with a steal and he backs it out. It results in Joe hitting a turnaround on the block. NU misses down low and J-Bo rebounds. UW turns it over. Thompson drains a three. Michael does the old bounce the inbound pass off the guys back but he can't get the lay-in. He's fouled and makes one. NU misses a three and Pop rebounds. J-Bo misses a three and the rebound ends up going over halfcourt and to NU. Michael fouls Coble, who will shoot one-and-one. Mike's fourth foul. Coble makes both. Joe breaks the press with a halfcourt pass to Butch for the dunk. Coble misses a three and Brian with another board. Brian down low again for two. NU misses and J-Bo rebounds. He gets fouled, bringing us to the TV timeout. UW leads 61-44 with 3:44 left. "Big Ten Champs!" chant from the Badger fans.

3:52 p.m. - Now it's "Let's go Badgers!" and it's REALLY loud. Butch has 20 points and a career-high-tying 14 boards. J-Bo at the line. He makes two and we have a new consecutive FT record, 37. Thompson hits a jumper for two. Marcus misses a jumper. Thompson fouled by Pop and will shoot one-and-one. He makes one but ball out of bounds off UW. Greg replaces Butch. HUGE ovation! Baran hits a three. NU with a steal and a deuce, calling TO. UW leads 63-52 with 1:49 left.

3:57 p.m. - UW misses the alley-oop but J-Bo draws a charge. NU calls a TO, presumably to get some seniors in. Ball knocked out of bounds with one on the shot clock. We try to lob it to Marcus who has someone draped all over him. Mike steals the NU pass and it's over. Technical called on NU. Didn't see why. J-Bo hits two FTs. UW wins 65-52. Outright champs!

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