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Badgers vs. Davidson Courtside Blog

Badgers vs. Davidson Courtside Blog

Brian Lucas (Assistant Director of Athletic Communications)

5:15 p.m. - We are at the arena and both teams are on the floor warming up. The drive from our hotel to the arena is only about a mile and with our police escort it took about five minutes. Downtown traffic was a little tricky, as were the people who had no idea what to do when the cops rolled up on them with the lights on. Some of it was comical as they didn't know how to get out of the way. We made it through though.

I also just heard a rumor that LeBron James will be here tonight and bought tickets through Davidson. I'll let you know if I see him.

Also, be sure to check out the DE-TROIT BAS-KET-BALL blog for the last happenings while we've been in Detroit.

6:00 p.m. - We've had the national anthem and both teams are in the locker room getting last-minute instructions. Definitely not 55,000 people in here yet. Late-arriving crowd I guess.

6:18 p.m. - We handled intros like we do at Minnesota. The five starters sitting on the stools we use for timeouts, up on the elevated floor. The rest of the team makes a tunnel, like usual. Not really much atmosphere in here right now. Davidson wins the tip and misses a jumper. A UW turnover leads to a basket down low by Davidson. Marcus misses down low but gets his own rebound and is fouled. He makes both. Curry misses his first shot. Trevon misses a three but the rebound is out off of Davidson. Butch nails a three but Curry comes right back with one of his own. Marcus misses a three. Pop tracks down the rebound but misses a drive. Curry has to launch a three as the shot clock expires and misses. UW turns it over in the backcourt, Curry misses another three but Davidson rebounds and finishes with a drive for two. UW turns it over and we have our first TV timeout. Davidson leads 7-5 with 15:34 left.

6:27 p.m. - Not the greatest sightlines for a game. UW is 1-of-6 from the field right now, with four of those attempts from 3-point range. Marcus already has four rebounds. Richards misses a three and so does Mike but the ball is out off Davidson. Good ball movement results in a three by Mike then he draws an offensive foul on the other end. UW turns it over. Curry knocks down a three off a screen. Mike misses a three but Pop tracks down the rebound. Good passing from Pop to Greg to Marcus results in Marcus getting fouled going for a dunk. He hits both. Greg blocks a Davdison drive and Mike, chasing the ball, jumps off the enge of the court and over the bench. As the shot clock is winding down, Richards hits a three. Ball is knocked away, bringing us to the TV timeout. Davidson leads 13-10 with 11:56 left.

6:40 p.m. - Seven of our nine field goal attempts have been from three. All 10 of our points are of the second-chance variety. Davidson with a little pressure in the backcourt. Good ball movement and J-Bo drills a wide-open three. Davidson answers with one of their own. J-Bo drives in for UW's first two-point basket but Davidson beats the Badgers down the court for a layup. J-Bo drives baseline and finds Brian, whose three rattles in to tie the game. J-Bo pops a three from the top of the key. The teams exchange misses then Curry hits a three from the corner. Flowers answers with a step-back three. J-Bo with a steal and he finds Butch for a dunk. Curry answers with a foul line jumper. Mike works his way inside for two. Scramble for the ball and Davidson calls TO. UW leads 28-25 with 6:02 left. Trevon hurt his right foot and is unlikely for the rest of the half. He will be re-evaluated at halftime.

6:43 p.m. - Richards pulls up for three and we're tied again. A UW turnover leads to another Davidson three. The two teams have combined for 13 treys. Mike misses a three and Davidson hits a short jumper to take a 33-28 lead. Bo calls TO with 4:29 left.

6:47 p.m. - Marcus is trapped on the baseline and has to call TO. J-Bo misses a three but responds with a block on the other end. Mike steps around a pick and knocks down a three. Davidson with a miss and Brian with a nice pass inside to Joe that results in a goaltend. That brings us to the TV timeout with the game tied 33-33 with 2:43 left.

6:53 p.m. - Flowers and Curry both have 11 points. Davidson is 7-of-11 from 3-point range while UW is 7-of-15. So much for the dome affecting the shooters. Curry misses inside. Brian misses a three but Mike knocks the rebound back to Joe. Mike gets the ball to Joe down low for two but Davidson answers with a quick three. Butch and Curry exchange misses on threes. UW works the shot clock down and gets the ball to Brian, who is fouled as the shot clock expires. Amazingly, that brings us to the final TV timeout of the half, with 4.0 seconds left.

6:59 p.m. - Brian makes one and Davidson misses a three at the buzzer. At halftime, we're back where we started, score tied (36-36). Michael, Brian and J-Bo have combined for 28 points and 7-of-14 shooting from 3-point range. Curry and Richards have 19 points between them. Both teams shooting well, with Davidson at 53.8 percent and UW at 48.0 percent. Davidson has not shot a free throw, while UW is 5-of-6 from the line. UW also winning the battle on the boards, 17-7 and 15-5 in second-chance points.

7:29 p.m. - Hughes did not start the half but is available according to our trainer. Curry misses a three and Davidson rebounds but now they are checking to see if the shot clock should be reset. They reset it. Davidson turns it over and so does UW. Curry misses a jumper. Brian misses on our end and Davidson runs out for a layup and a foul. He misses the FT but Davidson rebounds and Curry makes a jumper. Another UW turnover. Curry misses down low. Good look down low and Greg is fouled going for the dunk. He makes both. J-Bo called for a foul and Davidson hits both. Mike misses a three. Davidson drives inside and dishes for a dunk. UW turns it over. Greg called for a foul on the other end and Davidson will shoot two after the TV timeout. Davidson leads 44-38 with 15:57 left. UW already has six personal fouls this half.

7:39 p.m. - UW only has two field goals this half, and three turnovers. Pop was in there for a couple minutes but Bo has taken him out. He wasn't moving great so not sure if we will see him again. Curry hits two FTs and Davidson's lead is eight. J-Bo fouled on a drive to the hoop. He hits both but then Greg is called for a foul on the rebound. Davidson misses the front end. Joe knocks down a three but Curry answers with two off the glass. Davidson was just called for four fouls on our possesion, I think, and Marcus ends it with a turnaround jumper. Curry answers with a three though. UW turns it over which leads to Curry faking a three, waiting for the defender to go by, then knocking down a three. Bo calls TO with Davidson leading 54-45 with 13:01 left.

7:45 p.m. - Curry has 23 points right now, 12 in the second half. UW turns it over. Richards strokes a three and Davidson gets a steal. Davidson with a wild possesion that ends in a banked three but it was after the shot clock expired. TV timeout with Davidson leading 57-45 with 11:16 left.

7:55 p.m. - J-Bo misses a drive. Curry nails a three as the shot clock winds down. On the other end, UW breaks the press and Butch is fouled going up. He misses both. Mike draws a charge on Curry. UW with a couple misses down low but Mike is fouled. He makes one. Tim J. makes his first appearance. Curry down the other end hits a reverse and gets fouled. He knocks down the FT and the lead is now 17 for Davidson. On the other end, Mike misses a drive but Greg tips it in. Davidson misses but so does Greg. Davidson runs a pick-and-roll for a dunk and Marcus called for a foul. Davidson leads 65-48 with 7:57 left.

8:02 p.m. - Davidson misses the FT. UW with a miss and the ball is tied up on the rebound. Davidson ball. Wildcats miss a three then turn over the rebound. Mike misses a quick three. Davidson with a miss but is fouled on the rebound. Davidson hits both FTs. J-Bo with a miss. Curry around a curl and hits a short jumper and the lead is 21. Butch scores down low and Bo calls TO. Davidson leads 69-50 with 5:24 left.

8:18 p.m. - Some technical difficulties with the wireless. Doesn't look good for the boys in white, to be honest, down 18 with 3:49 to go. I did get a visual on LeBron James at halftime. Joe is fouled on a cut and will shoot two. He makes one. Davidson with a shot clock violation as J-Bo hounds the ball handler. Marcus fouled underneath and he makes one. Curry with a nice look underneath for two. Joe bulls his way underneath for two. Davidson misses a three and J-Bo fouled on a drive he makes one. Curry rebounds and is fouled. Tanner making an appearance. Curry hits both. J-Bo with a miss, out of bounds to UW. All four seniors are in for UW. Now Mike, Brian and Greg are coming out. Looks like the great ride is over. Davidson wins 73-56.

4:30 p.m. (Monday) - There will be plenty of time to put a bow on the season and I will do so in the coming days. For now, I'll concentrate on Friday's game.

I heard Brian say it and it was probably the most true thing I heard post-game. We picked a bad time to play our worst half of basketball in a long time. Combine that with Davidson and Stephen Curry playing some pretty good basketball and you get a 17-point difference.

Trevon's injury, for lack of a better word, "hurt" us. We had four guys play more than 30 minutes while Curry and Richards were the only players to log more than 25 minutes for Davidson.

We started the game shooting very well, shooting 48.0 percent in the first half, including 7-of-17 from three. I remember thinking we had shot a lot of threes, The ironic thing is, in the second half, 15 of our 21 shots came from inside the arc but we only shot 23.8 percent. In four of the five games we lost this year, we shot worse than 39.0 percent from the field.

Stephen Curry is pretty good, just thought I had to say that at some point.

The locker room was understandably emotional after the game. The four seniors have been through a lot and led this team on a wonderful ride. The unfortunate thing is that 99 percent of the teams in college basketball go home before they want to and you tend to remember your last game. Because they're all competitors and HATE to lose (maybe moreso than any team I've been around), this one stung the players. In the coming days, I'll re-hash all the memorable moments and great plays, but for now, it's ok to let this one hurt.

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